South Bend Council Plans To Continue Lawsuit Over Police Tapes

Oct 23, 2019

Credit WVPE News

The lawsuit regarding the controversial South Bend Police tapes will continue on in the courts, just as it has  for the past seven years. 

According to media reports, the tapes allegedly contain conversations with South Bend area police officials making racist comments. The lawsuit is to give the council access to the tapes. No one on the council has heard them.

Recent reporting about the recordings by The Young Turks, a progressive  news organization, raised questions among council members - like if they should proceed with the lawsuit if the content of the recordings could be confirmed through information leaked from a witness.

Council Attorney Bob Palmer said while he believes the information in The Young Turks article is accurate, it's missing key points.

“We have a very good idea that what’s out there is accurate, but we also know for a fact that it’s not complete. I think that is one of the preconditions to considering terminating the case, we just haven't fulfilled yet.”

Palmer also said there will be no vote to end the lawsuit at the council meeting on Monday, but it might be brought up again at the first November meeting.

He said the City has spent about two-million dollars on this legal case so far.

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