South Bend Residents Attend Meeting To Discuss Police Practices

Aug 8, 2019

South Bend residents gather for the first in a series of seven meetings about policy policy.
Credit Annacaroline Caruso

South Bend residents gathered Thursday night for the first in a series of seven meetings to give input on police practices. 

People who attended the meeting were broken into small groups with facilitators leading each conversation.

The goal was to start the healing process, and acknowledge the tension between South Bend and law enforcement.

South Bend resident Jacqueline Jefferson said it’s more important now than ever to build a positive relationship between the community and police.

“There is more violence, more gun violence, people think we’re in the wild wild west and we’re not. We’re not progressing, we’re digressing and I think it needs to change,” Jefferson said.

The other meetings will go into specifics about police procedure like use of force, vehicle pursuits and officer training.

City lawyer Stephanie Steele encouraged attendees to continue to engage by applying for the open spot on the Board of Public Safety.

The next meeting is about body camera policy. It’s on August 15th.