St. Joseph County Council Passes Enforcement Order For Face Mask Violations

Nov 10, 2020

Credit Emma Atkinson/WTIU

After months of back and forth, the St. Joseph County Council finally passed an ordinance Tuesday night that will allow the county health department to enforce its face mask order.

Under the ordinance, businesses – not individuals – can be fined up to $250 for failing to require face masks when six feet of physical distance can’t be maintained. 

County Health Officer Bob Einterz has been trying to pass this measure since July. Though it’s been a long road, he said he’s glad to see elected officials reach a compromise. 

“Our elected leaders are setting an example for the citizens of our county, and for that matter, I believe our county’s now setting an example for the entire state of Indiana,” Einterz said. 

The ordinance still needs to be approved by the County Board of Commissioners. If it passes, it will be effective until April 2021, when the County Council will vote either to extend or discontinue it. 

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