St. Joseph County Police Add Four Dogs To K-9 Unit

Jul 18, 2019

Corporal Rachel Harvey and her K-9, Odin. (Annacaroline Caruso/WVPE News)

The St. Joseph County Police added four new dogs to their K-9 unit, three of which were put into service this week. 

Farkas, Odin, and Monti, underwent six weeks of training where they learned to chase fleeing offenders, and search for narcotics and evidence. Corporal Rachel Harvey and her assigned K-9, Odin will be working afternoon patrol.

Harvey said the dogs are going to offer a new level of protection for St. Joseph County.

“You have a partner with you in the car all the time, you’ve got someone who's watching your back as much as you're watching their back and they’re going to help you get the bad guys. With these dogs we’ve got that the Sheriff has given us, the possibilities are endless in what we can do with them,” Harvey said.

Dolores, the fourth K-9, was donated by Corporal Briana Glueckert of the SJCPD. Dolores will complete training in mid-August as a search and rescue dog. Dolores will be Glueckert's K-9 during work.

The dogs cost roughly $13,000 each including the six-week training.

Four towing companies each donated $5,000 to help with the cost. The remainder was paid with proceeds from asset forfeitures.