St. Joseph County Public Library To Hold Science Alive

Jan 23, 2019


Credit St. Joseph County Public Library

The St. Joseph County Public Library is counting down to its annual Science Alive Event with activities for kids starting Tuesday.

Science Alive has been happening at the library for 27 years. It’s an annual event full of hands on activities for kids in STEM areas.

The big event is on February 2. But until then the main branch will hold daily science experiments and demonstrations (4 p.m.). Also, an Insect event at the Western Branch (January 23 at 4 p.m.) and an event that allows kids to take apart appliances and put them back together at the Francis Branch (January 28 at 4 p.m. for kids 7 and older).

Library Spokesperson Jennifer Heneke said it’s all to build excitement for Science Alive.

“If you come to the Library often you’re used to seeing the same thing, but this is like an opportunity for kids to come in and they’re just surrounded by experiments going on, and there’s lots of fun noises so it’s really exciting to see how excited the kids get.”

Heneke said she’s also excited about the animals that will be brought in to teach kids about zoology and biology.