Sunburst Races drops marathon

Jan 8, 2018


Credit Sunburst Races

Michiana’s longrunning Sunburst races has dropped the marathon for the event this year.


Organizers say they plan to focus on the shorter races.

The marathon went from 800 finishers a few years ago to under 250 in 2017. That prompted organizers to cut it.

The race on June second will still have a half-marathon, 10-K and 5-K.

Travis Bladecki is the race director for Sunburst. He says with everything that goes into planning a marathon, it wasn’t worth it anymore.

“It became hard for us to justify the amount of resources going into that for as few finishers as we were receiving so we ultimately made the decision to cut the marathon. Wasn’t an easy decision, it was debated highly but it’s what we ended up going with.”

The finish line for this year’s Sunburst is moving back into Notre Dame stadium after five years elsewhere due to construction on the campus crossroads project.

Bladecki says it’s a lot of work to plan the 35th anniversary and the return to the stadium, even without a marathon in the mix.