Three killed in Elkhart hit and run

Aug 28, 2017


Elkhart Police are still investigating a crash that left three people dead on Saturday.

The crash happened shortly after 9 on Beardsley Avenue near Cassopolis Street. A vehicle struck five pedestrians on the sidewalk, then veered back on the road, and hit two other vehicles.

One of the pedestrians died at the scene, while two others died at the hospital. One was treated and released and one is still in the hospital. No one in the other vehicles was injured.

Elkhart Police public information officer Chris Snyder says they don’t know what the cause of the accident was.

“We don’t know if this was an intentional act. We don’t know if drugs or alcohol were involved or if it was something like a texting and driving. Maybe there was a medical condition that caused the person to leave the roadway. At this point we don’t know.”

Snyder says Elkhart Police are handling the investigation but they will reach out to other law enforcement as necessary.


He says this type of accident isn’t like anything that’s happened in Elkhart before.

“We work lots of accidents and some of those involve pedestrians and some of those are fatal but when you have five pedestrians that are walking down the sidewalk that are struck by a vehicle. That’s something very new to us.”

Snyder says they may be looking for a light colored Cadillac. He says public help is crucial for investigations like this.

“The public has been a big part of a lot of our investigations and this one will probably be no different. Obviously we didn’t have any officers there that witnessed anything so we really have to go off of statements and evidence and the statement are mostly from people who were in that area.”

Anyone who was in the area on Saturday night and would like to report something can call the Elkhart Police Department at 574-295-7070