Ticks and Mosquitoes are Out for the Season

Jun 11, 2018



An adult deer tick.
Credit Scott Bauer / USDA

  It’s summer time, which means it’s peak season for ticks and mosquitoes. This year is shaping up to be a very active season for ticks in particular. There are ways to prevent these nuisances while enjoying the outdoors.

Using insect repellent, mowing tall grasses and getting rid of standing water can keep ticks and mosquitoes away. Purdue extension educator Jeff Burbrink said can also protect yourself by keeping wooded areas tidy, “Clipping off low hanging branches, is also another thing that you can do, around the edges of woodlands and that sort of thing. It’s almost an endless job to keep the area clear of ticks.”

As for our furry friends, veterinarians recommend dogs be vaccinated against Lyme Disease. There is no vaccine for cats. All outdoor animals should be checked regularly.

If you do get a tick, it should be carefully removed by grasping it’s head, not its body, with tweezers and pulling. The bitten area should be watched for redness and swelling. Lyme Disease, the most common one spread by ticks will show in five to seven days and looks like a target over the bite.

Burbrink said most mosquitoes in this area don’t carry disease, but keeping standing water away will prevent them from populating areas as they need the water to breed. They only need a small amount. A can, a raingauge or children's toys provide plenty.