Before Trump Rally Supporters Line Up Around the Block

May 10, 2018

Trump supporters parked outside Northside Middle School in Elkhart, Indiana.
Credit Jennifer Weingart

Ahead of the Rally in Elkhart tonight, supporters of President Donald Trump are lined up outside the Northside Gym, waiting for the doors to open.

Supporters from as far away as Florida and California wait in line, decked out in Trump gear. At the rally tonight the president is expected to talk about his tax plan and support local Republican candidates.

The rally starts at seven, but Bruce Spratling has been here since 9 a.m.. He’s from Florida but winters in Michigan. He’s got a Trump flag draped around his shoulder and a sign that says ‘stop H-1B visas.’

“I only have one question I want to ask anyone running for the senate or the house, and that is will you support President Trump unconditionally. I don’t want anyone with ideas. We’ve got enough ideas. All I want is someone that’s going to support Mr. Trump.”

The line stretches around the block and counting.