Vibrant Elkhart County To Recognize 365 'Vibrant People' in 2019

Dec 13, 2018


The Elkhart County Vibrant Communities movement will be recognizing a vibrant person from the community every day in 2019.

Vibrant Elkhart County is an effort at ‘placemaking,’ or trying to show off the parts of the community that make it unique.

The Vibrant People initiative is new for 2019, but similar to an effort in 2018 to recognize outstanding members of the Community.

Bil Murray with Vibrant Elkhart County says it’s meant to recognize ordinary residents.

“Elkhart County has no shortage of dynamic, enthusiastic and fun people. The kind of people that bring smiles to faces and good feeling everywhere and we think those people should be celebrated.”

The Vibrant Person of the day will be featured on the Vibrant Communities social media and website and given a certificate.

Nominations are on the Vibrant Communities website and are open to anyone for any reason.