Voting Day: Michigan Voters Head To The Polls In Berrien County

Mar 10, 2020

Polling place in Benton Harbor, Michigan, March 10, 2020.
Credit Jennifer Weingart/WVPE

Five states have primaries and one state is caucusing today. Political analysts say Michigan is the state to watch. 

In the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, Michigan went to Bernie Sanders. This time around Sanders is hoping to win the state again.

Voters in Benton Harbor were showing up to cast their ballots. 

James Moore voted at the Public Library. He says he’s supporting the progessive.

“Bernie. I want Bernie to win. I wanna get rid of my student loans, I’m fighting with those right now,” Moore said. 

John Wagner voted in Chikaming Township for Joe Biden. He says the former Vice President represents much-needed unity.

“I think we need someone who’s established and, for the past three years or so, I think we may need someone who can calm the country and bring everyone together,” Wagner said.


Leslie Wood voted in New Buffalo. The importance of the state in the nominating process was on her mind. 

“Michigan is extremely important in this race. Both of the remaining Democratic candidates are working to get Michigan so it’s tremendously important,” Wood said.


Voting is a little different for Michiganders this time around. New laws allowing no reason absentee voting and day-of registration are in effect for the first time.

Poll workers at Benton Harbor High School say they have seen fewer voters than usual. Benton Harbor City Clerk Kimberly Thompson says they have more absentee ballots than usual for a presidential primary.

Chikaming Twp. polling place in Berrien County, Michigan, on March 10, 2020.
Credit Jennifer Weingart/WVPE

Voters in some communities in Michigan, like Chikaming Township in Berrien County, also have local issues on the ballot today, like a public safety millage.