WATCH VIDEO: Pro-Impeachment Protestors Gather At Sen. Mike Braun's South Bend Office

Dec 17, 2019

A protest was staged in South Bend on the eve of the U.S. House debating and voting on Articles of Impeachment against Pres. Donald Trump. The demonstration was outside the office of Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican who has indicated he will not support impeachment and will support Trump when the issue comes before the U.S. Senate. 

Some demonstrators chanted, "Lock him up!" A variation on the chant often heard at Trump's rallies when he urges his supporters to voice displeasure about his 2016 political opponent, Hillary Clinton. Below are video clips of protestors chanting. 

About 50 protestors lined the sidewalk in front of Braun’s office Tuesday night. They want President Donald Trump impeached.

 Protestors stood in the cold holding signs which read “impeach and remove” and “impeach the liar.” They chanted “not above the law” and “lock him up.”

Karla Cruise, a South Bend resident, said people are tired of not being heard and she feels protesting is the only option.

“When government is doing things that we don’t approve of then this is one thing that we can do. I think a lot of us are frustrated with the way things are going in Washington and we’d like to see a change and if it means coming out when it’s 31 degrees then that’s what we have to do.”

Douglas Mappin is a South Bend resident and a Navy veteran. He hopes gathering in front of Senator Braun’s office sends a message for him to vote to impeach Trump.

“For someone like me who served in the Navy for 21 years, I could not serve under that man if I were still in.”

The House is expected to debate Articles of Impeachment on Wednesday.

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