Water Level Lowered in Berrien Springs for Dam Maintenance

May 29, 2018


Credit Google Earth

Indiana Michigan Power is lowering the water levels around its dam in Berrien Springs for maintenance work.

The St. Joseph River will be lowered three and a half feet, by six inches a day for the next week to allow for maintenance on the dam.

The maintenance will impact mostly those above the dam in an area known as Lake Chapin

I & M spokesperson Schnee Garrett said the work isn’t out of the ordinary.

“This is just, you know, our routine maintenance work that we will have to do to ensure that the dam remains operating as it’s supposed to.”

Garrett said homeowners in the area and those that use the river for recreation should be aware that underwater hazards will be closer to the surface during the project.

Those with boats docked in and around Lake Chapin have received notices to dry dock or remove them from the water.

Garrett said the maintenance is scheduled to be finished and the water levels restored by June 25.