Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour With Caroline Cotter

Oct 7, 2019

Monday, October 7, 2019 at 9 PM

This month, the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour features the remarkably intimate and prayerful song-styling of Maine songwriter, Caroline Cotter.  

Caroline Cotter with George Schricker on the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour
Credit Wild Rose Moon

Cotter’s voice has been compared to “crushed velvet against a cheek,” and, “a short sip of bourbon under the tongue—warm and bright!”, and all with good reason.  Whether singing a moving song regarding a woman from Prague she met at her concert, ” Antonia”, or sprung from being alone with her grandmother at her passing, “I am With You”, or her beautiful paean to her, “Home on the River”, or her deep sense of falling in love, “I feel found”, Cotter's words wind out of her with an open-heartedness that transforms each of her songs into meditative blessings—essentially sharing a sort of gratefulness dharma through her work.  Contrasting Cotter’s fine work on the show, the radio hour’s music producer, John Bahler, shares a sweet song about his daughter called, “Jumpin’ Baby,” and two audience contestants vie for the correct answers on the Shoot the Moon Game Show. 

All this and door to door oscilloscopes too, on the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour – A Home for Humans!