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All IN: The Friday Pitch-In

Oct 25, 2019

We end every week with the Friday Pitch-In, where we catch up on some of the biggest Indiana headlines of the week with Digital Producer Lauren Chapman. 

All IN: Hemp

Oct 24, 2019

The Office of Indiana State Chemist has received over 13,000 emails asking about hemp since the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill was signed last year.

All IN: Indiana Ghost Stories

Oct 23, 2019

Mark Marimen was once told, "Try as hard as you want. You'll never find enough ghost stories in Indiana to make a book."

All IN: Recycling

Oct 22, 2019

Many of us do our best to recycle. But according to some new data, not enough of us in Indiana, specifically Indianapolis, recycle our waste. Why is Indianapolis behind so many major cities when it comes to recycling? And how could we catch up?

All IN: Ethics in Tech

Oct 21, 2019

Today on All IN we talk about the intersection between ethics and technology. As artificial intelligence and big data take more powerful roles in our daily lives, ethical questions about privacy, responsibility and equity remain. 


All IN: The Friday Pitch-In

Oct 18, 2019

Today on All IN we break down the biggest headlines of the week, including an update on the UAW strike, felony charges filed against a mother in connection with a Richmond school shooting, and disciplinary hearings Attorney General Curtis Hill will face next week.


Oct 17, 2019

Today on All IN, we get an update on the tentative deal reached between the UAW and GM. Then we talk with experts about FAFSA, and other financial aid options for Indiana students planning for college. When is the best time to apply, and how can students and parents best navigate the application process?


ALL IN: Harvest Festivals

Oct 16, 2019

Today on All IN we talk with farmers and orchard owners about how they manage in the busiest season of the year. Many look forward to their annual trip to pumpkin patches and apple orchards to pick up fall treats and decor. How has the weather affected the crops this season? What keeps people coming back?

All IN: Introducing "Sick"

Oct 15, 2019

All IN: School Dropouts

Oct 10, 2019

Students drop out of school for a variety of reasons - behavioral issues, truancy, or a lack of resources within the school to address a student’s particular needs. However, some Indiana schools are marking students that drop out as home-school transfers, which means the school’s graduation rate is unaffected.

All IN: Heartland International Film Festival

Oct 9, 2019

The 28th Heartland International Film Festival, an 11-day celebration of independent film, begins this week in Indianapolis. Over 200 films from around the world are showcased at the festival, including some from Indiana.

All IN: The White River

Oct 8, 2019

About 20 years ago the White River experienced a toxic discharge from an auto plant that wiped out over 4 million fish. Since then, the river has been on a long journey of restoration.

All IN: Indiana Authors

Oct 7, 2019

The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Awards were put on hiatus this year. The statewide nonprofit Indiana Humanities has taken over the contest, and is turning it into more of a book award than an award for an author’s body of work. 

All IN: The Friday Pitch-In

Oct 4, 2019

We end every week at All IN with The Friday Pitch-In, where we catch up on some of the biggest news stories happening in Indiana. This week we cover a proposal to set aside the state’s old-growth forest land, a legislator’s proposal to restructure the state’s Board of Education, a challenge by religious conservatives to the RFRA fix, and an update on the United Auto Workers’ GM strike.

All IN: Bullying

Oct 3, 2019

This month, which is National Bullying Prevention Month, Indiana University Kokomo will welcome spoken word poet Shane Koyczan to campus. Koyczan’s work is focused on bullying – being bullied and becoming one himself. His YouTube video “To This Day” has gotten over 23 million views, and led him to do a TED Talk on the topic.