Anne Magnan-Park

Michiana Chronicles: The Personal Lives Of Science

Jan 7, 2021
Anne Magnan-Park

Science writes its own patients' history. It is data and success-rate driven. Alongside these scientific reports are patients' stories, the personal lives of science. Though   data-oriented, their criteria for success are far more complex than the ones elaborated in the labs and relayed in scientific journals. They are layered stories which narrate access and lack of access to care, as well as trust and distrust in the healthcare system due to social status, race, cultural differences, and history.

Michiana Chronicles: Stop Pretending You're Monolingual

Nov 5, 2020

I have to stop pretending I am monolingual by birth and by upbringing. Like many of us, I was born into a family that was engineered to be monolingual over generations. Engineered by national decree.

Michiana Chronicles: Leave The Fire

Sep 4, 2020
Anne Magnan-Park

Distance has been the longest-running theme in my life. I don’t look for it, but, somehow, distance manages to find me. Long-distance marriage, long-distance relationships with my extended family across continents, long-distance connection with my first language of expression and culture, and now, like many of us, socially-distant relationships with our geographically not-so distant, local friends and co-workers.

Michiana Chronicles: Cathedrals of Ivy

May 3, 2019
François Guyonnet