Michigan Rolls Out Statewide Coronavirus Exposure App

Nov 9, 2020
(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan has launched the statewide rollout of a voluntary, free coronavirus app that notifies users if they have potentially been in close contact with infected people. Monday's announcement comes weeks after the state began piloting the technology in Ingham County, including at Michigan State University. State Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon is encouraging all Michiganders to download the app onto their smartphones, especially as COVID-19 cases and related hospitalizations are surging after an initial wave subsided last spring.

Regenstrief Institute

Researchers at Indianapolis-based Regenstrief Institute are asking people to help collect data on mask usage through a new web app.

The institute has tracked data throughout the pandemic on cases, positivity rates and hospitalizations. Regenstrief President and CEO Dr. Peter Embi says the MaskCount app makes it easier to track widespread data. 

“We wanted to create an app that protected everyone's privacy, but allowed people to share what they were seeing so that we can have better data on mask wearing,” Embi said.

Courtesy of All IN for Health

There’s a new way for Hoosiers to track their health and participate in research at the same time — a mobile app. 

The LIFE Extend App and its partnership with All IN for Health provides a free health tracker, scientific-based articles and a way to connect with friends. Its creators say they hope it will help address Indiana’s poor public health rankings. 

Don Brown is CEO of LifeOmic, the software company that developed the app. He says this is a win-win for Hoosiers.