Benton Harbor

Benton Harbor's incumbent mayor, Marcus Muhammad, will be on the ballot along with Ron Singleton this coming November. Singleton is a Benton Harbor City Commissioner 

Benton Harbor voters narrowed the field of candidates from six to two in the primary Tuesday. 

Unofficial results indicate that fewer than 700 people voted in the election. That is a turnout rate of just over 8%. Muhammad got 393 votes. Singleton got 211 votes. 

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Some voters in Michigan are headed to the polls tomorrow Tuesday for primary elections. In Benton Harbor voters are narrowing the field of candidates for mayor.

There are six candidates on the ballot running for a four year term to be Benton Harbor’s next mayor. 

They include the incumbent Marcus Muhammad and city commissioners Juanita Henry, C.F. Jones and Ron Singleton. Newcomers to the candidate field include Margie Carter and Jamie Davis.

Since the last mayoral elections, the city has been removed from state oversight. 

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The Benton Harbor School board is sending a draft plan to the state that includes efforts to boost student outcomes and pay down the districts debt without closing any schools.

Orchards Mall

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A J.C. Penney store has closed after more than 90 years at two locations in southwestern Michigan's Berrien County.

Report: State, Benton Harbor Schools Reach Tentative Deal

Jun 26, 2019
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DETROIT (AP) — A report says state officials have reached a tentative agreement that would avoid the closure of Benton Harbor's high schools and dissolution of its district.

The deal was reached Wednesday in a meeting among Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's staff, Benton Harbor school officials and members of the state education and treasury departments. The deal still needs approval from Benton Harbor's school board.

A copy of the tentative agreement wasn't immediately available.

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CHICAGO (AP) — High winds across Lake Michigan have kicked up waves that have affected shoreline activity in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

The Chicago Park District was forced to close the city's the Lakefront Trail on Thursday after a lakeshore flood advisory and a beach hazards statement were issued by the National Weather Service.

The advisory warned of waves of five to eight feet from Lake County in Illinois to Lake County, Indiana.

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The Benton Harbor mayor lead a delegation to Lansing Tuesday to meet with lawmakers and the Governor about a Department of Treasury lead plan that would close the district's high school in the spring of 2020.

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer listened for more than two hours Wednesday night as Benton Harbor community members implored her not to close their high school.

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Benton Harbor community members and supporters gathered at the high school Tuesday night to protest a plan to close the high school.


In addition to Benton Harbor community members, people from school districts across Michigan that have been closed by the state came to lend their support.

Marilyn Ross-Golden has been teaching at Benton Harbor High School for 31 years. She helped more than a dozen students step up to the microphone at the meeting and say what they’re feeling.

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The State of Michigan announced a plan last week that would close Benton Harbor High School and send its students to neighboring districts.

Benton Harbor Dept. of Public Safety

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (AP) — A former officer who ran over a man who was fleeing police in Benton Harbor has been acquitted of assault but convicted of reckless driving.

Berrien County Trial Court Judge Arthur Cotter delivered the verdict Tuesday in the case against Steven Johnson and ordered him to pay $625 in fines and costs. Johnson received no jail time or probation for the misdemeanor conviction.

Johnson called it a "horrible accident" and says he didn't mean to hurt the man.

Benton Harbor Cracking Down On Illegal Dumping

Mar 22, 2019

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (AP) — A southwestern Michigan city says it's cracking down on illegal dumping as it grapples with a problem that's both an eyesore and expensive.

Benton Harbor officials said Thursday authorities have arrested four people in connection with illegal dumping. The Public Safety Department is working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality on investigations.

Efforts to combat it include increasing fines and adding the cost of trash removal for those caught dumping it. Officials also might seize vehicles used for dumping.

Benton Harbor Area Schools is bearing down on a financial and academic crisis that might significantly impact its ability to provide quality educational services to its students, according to CEO/Superintendent Dr. Robert Herrera. During his public CEO/Superintendent meeting held Tuesday, Dr. Herrera provided a State of the District review since he took the reins in July 2018.

The J.C. Penney store at the Orchards Mall in Benton Harbor is slated to close July 5th.

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The Berrien County Health Department is beginning a campaign this week to hand out water filters to the residents of Benton Harbor. That’s after high lead levels were found in the city’s drinking water.

Some water in the city tested above action levels for lead last fall. Since that time city officials found the problem to be with the aging lead service lines that many Benton Harbor homes have.