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Indiana Republican legislative leaders aren’t totally sold on Gov. Eric Holcomb’s proposal to spend nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars this year to pay down state debt instead of direct relief for Hoosiers struggling during the pandemic.

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Gov. Eric Holcomb’s new state budget proposal would spend $1.13 billion over the next two years on one-time initiatives. And almost none of that would be direct relief for Hoosiers struggling during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Indiana’s legislative session begins on Jan. 4. Between COVID-19, redrawing legislative districts and setting the state’s two-year budget, lawmakers will be tackling a lot in the next few months. 

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s state tax revenues have largely stabilized from the plunges seen early in the coronavirus-caused recession, although state budget leaders are warning that money could remain tight as legislators begin work on a new two-year spending plan. New revenue projections presented Wednesday to the State Budget Committee showed Indiana could end the current budget year with about the same $2.3 billion in reserves as two years ago.

The South Bend Common Council unanimously voted to adopt the city's 2021 budget at its regular meeting on Oct. 12, and according to a press release from the Office of the Mayor. It was approved by Mayor James Mueller on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

The $354.7 million budget represents a $4 million reduction in general operational spending from the 2020 budget. According to the release, the 2021 budget marks the start of a three-year plan to achieve full structural balance after the city faced revenue losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A senior Indiana budget official says the state is somewhat paralyzed by conflicting directives from the federal government over how it can spend COVID-19 relief dollars.

South Bend Working On Budget For 2021 With COVID-19 In Mind

Aug 14, 2020
Justin Hicks

The City of South Bend is working on a budget for 2021 that reflects some of the financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Legislature’s Republican leaders have reached a deal to address a shortfall in the current budget caused by COVID-19 and its impact on the state’s economy.

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The Indiana State Department of Health reported 39 additional confirmed deaths since Tuesday, bringing the state’s total to 2,304. The state announced more than 41,000 total confirmed cases, with more than 384,000 Hoosiers tested.

Virus Takes Higher Indiana Death Toll, Cuts State Revenues

May 9, 2020
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana's budget director says state revenue collections for April fell nearly $1 billion short of projections amid the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. Budget Director Cristopher Johnston says collections for the month were forecast last December at just over $2.2 billion but came in $964 million under target, in part because of delayed income tax filings and the loss of all casino taxes amid social distancing steps to slow the spread of the outbreak. 


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Trustees at Indiana University have allowed school leaders to borrow up to $1 billion to counter a potential budget shortfall due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The trustees approved the request Friday. University spokesman Chuck Carney says the university is in good financial shape, but the request offers peace of mind for the university to continue operations during difficult times.

The university’s largest source of revenue is tuition. The school remains in operation during the pandemic, but has stopped in-person classes for the spring and summer.

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and lawmakers are starting the process of restoring some funding Whitmer vetoed in the new state budget.

As part of the weekly series MichMash, Jake Neher and Cheyna Roth talk about how Michiganders are feeling the cuts throughout the state.

You can read more at WDET.org/MichMash and you can listen again or subriscribe to the MichMash podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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Michigan lawmakers have struck a deal to fund K-12 schools when the new fiscal year starts in October. House Democrats negotiated the deal with the Republican majority… without Governor Gretchen Whitmer at the table.


As part of the weekly series MichMash, Cheyna Roth and Jake Neher talk about how that might affect the governor’s ability to get things done going forward.

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Most of the nearly 300 new laws crafted by the General Assembly this year take effect Monday.

That includes a new state spending plan, child welfare measures, scooter regulations and criminal justice matters.

State Budget

The new two-year, $34 billion state budget largely goes into effect July 1. The majority of that is K-12 education, which received a more than $500 million increase. And the Department of Child Services will get a little less money than it’s been working with.

Ball State Cuts Costs To Stay Out Of The Red

Jun 13, 2019
Ball State University via Facebook

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — Ball State University says it was forced to eliminate 25 positions, curb travel and reduce supplies to avoid ending fiscal year 2019 with a budget shortfall.

The school's board of trustees was given the update on Wednesday before the board approved a $391.2 million 2019-20 general fund budget that calls for an increase in tuition and fees of 1.25%.

The reductions of 25 positions, travel spending and supply expenditures saved $4.5 million.

Top Holcomb Budget Leaders Departing Administration

May 17, 2019
Brandon Smith

Leadership at Indiana’s budget agencies is undergoing major changes.

Lawmakers wrapped up the 2019 legislative session with passage of a new, two-year state budget and a major gambling bill. But a vaping tax couldn’t make it to the finish line.

Here’s what you might have missed this week at the Statehouse.

There were a lot of surprises on the energy and environment front in this 2019 legislative session. If you haven't been keeping up, here's what you need to know:

What's Now A Law:

Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate reached a final agreement Tuesday on what will likely be the state’s next two-year budget.


  The city of South Bend wants to know what its residents want money spent on in 2020.

The city holds a resident input budget meeting like this every spring as a chance for people to tell them if they want more spent on parks and trails, or streetlights, public safety or any of the other things South Bend pays for each year.

Daniel Parker is the city’s controller. “We are entrusted with taxpayer dollars so we want to make sure we’re being responsive to what residents need.”

Public Gets Final Chance To Testify On State Budget

Apr 18, 2019
Brandon Smith

The public got its last chance Thursday to weigh in on the budget bill as lawmakers finalize the state’s new two-year, $34 billion spending plan.

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Indiana budget writers will have about $100 million less to work with than previously anticipated.

A new revenue forecast unveiled Wednesday will help determine what Indiana’s new state budget will look like.

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Indiana revenues are on target with three months left before the state closes its books on the 2019 fiscal year.

The state collected about $14 million more in taxes in March than the budget plan projected. That puts Indiana roughly where it wants to be for the entire fiscal year – about 0.5 percent ahead of its target.

MSP Seeks To Livestream Dashcams

Mar 28, 2019
Michigan State Police

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan State Police want to invest more than $2 million dollars into technology to livestream patrol car dashboard cameras following a Detroit teenager's death after a state trooper used a stun gun on him.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer included the technology upgrade in this year's state budget proposal. It would allow supervisors to monitor pursuits and other incidents in real time.

State Tax Collections Miss The Mark In February

Mar 8, 2019
Brandon Smith

Indiana tax collections failed to meet expectations in virtually all major sources last month.

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Residents met at Prairie Street Mennonite Church in Elkhart over the weekend to voice concerns regarding the Tolson Youth and Community Center ahead of Monday’s finance committee meeting, where Tolson is expected be on the agenda.

The Tolson center, which primarily serves youth in south-central Elkhart, has been in limbo since late last year, when the city council slashed funding for the center to nearly half. Since then, an advisory committee has been set up by Mayor Tim Neese to help identify Tolson’s needs.

Fate of Elkhart Crossing Guards Still Unknown

Dec 21, 2017
Letter sent to Troy Thomas
Courtesy of Troy Thomas

As students leave for holiday break, the fate of Elkhart crossing guards is still unknown. The city of Elkhart cut funding for school crossing guards when they adopted their new budget in October. The cost to fund crossing guards for a year is about $222,000.

The kerfuffle over who should pay for crossing guards is not new to Elkhart. Most people say it’s a often a disagreement between schools and city officials but usually settled quickly.

Mayor, Residents Discuss Future of Tolson Center

Oct 10, 2017

Mayor Tim Neese said he expected questions  about the Tolson Center at the Town Hall held on Monday at City Hall.

The City Council has been under scrutiny by some Elkhart residents, after allegations of secret meetings among republican council members in regards to budget cuts, that led to a proposal to lease the Tolson Center to Lifeline, a religious, community organization.

If the lease proposal goes through, Tolson would no longer be run by the city Parks department.

South Bend presents new parental leave plan

Sep 15, 2017


South Bend Common Council members will consider the city’s first plan for paid parental leave.

The city of South Bend may institute new fully-paid parental leave, in addition to its already existing medical leave, to full-time city employees. The 6 weeks paid leave would be available to any qualified employee - male or female - designated as a primary caregiver.  If both are city employees, both may still take off at the same time.

Senate fiscal leader Luke Kenley says the budget reserves are a little less than the 12 percent level they'd been aiming for.