Census Data

Brandon Smith/IPB News

Indiana state officials are kickstarting efforts to support the U.S. Census Bureau ahead of next year’s population count.

Monday marked the first meeting of Indiana’s Complete Count Committee.

The census affects a lot in Indiana. Beyond helping decide how legislative districts are drawn, the population count influences urban planning, rural development and, says Census Bureau regional director Marilyn Sanders, federal funding.

“Over $675 billion are distributed based on census data every single year,” Sanders says.

Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio

New data from the Census Bureau shows localized life expectancy data, a closer look than what was provided before. It’s allowing local health departments to concentrate efforts in struggling places.

Before these data some life expectancy information was available separated into zip codes, but those data were not available for every zip code. These new numbers are by census tract, a geographic area with roughly four thousand people.