Climate change

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A state House bill aims to stop Indiana cities from banning gas stoves and other natural gas equipment in new homes and businesses. Cities in states like California, Ohio, and Massachusetts have passed such ordinances because of climate concerns.

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The Indiana Department of Education released an online resource in partnership with Purdue University to help teachers teach climate change in schools. Several teachers we interviewed last year said they struggle to find credible materials on climate change for their lesson plans.


Indiana got a “D” for how it educates kids about climate change. That’s according to a report released by the National Center for Science Education and the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. But the state Department of Education said it's working to change that. The report called Indiana’s approach to teaching the reality, severity, and human responsibility for causing climate change “abysmal.” Just six states received a lower letter grade than Indiana.

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Indiana is expected to face more severe storms, flooding, extreme heat, and tick-borne diseases in the future. But a new report said the state hasn’t done enough to prepare.

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On Sept. 24, Michigan's Department of Health and Human Services announced a suspected second human case of EEE in Montcalm County, leading to another night of aerial mosquito treatments.

According to some experts, the frequency and intensity of the recent EEE outbreaks in Michigan and northern Indiana could be related to climate change.

The first EEE outbreak in the area occured from 1942-1943. The next was from 1973-1975, and since then, outbreaks have become more and more frequent.

Rising Water Threatens The Great Lakes Shoreline Too

Apr 23, 2020
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As sea levels rise, the nation’s Atlantic and Pacific coastlines are eroding — putting homes and businesses in jeopardy. But climate change also is increasing erosion on what’s called the nation’s “third coast” — the Great Lakes shoreline. 


Businesses have closed, people are staying home, and life has come to a screeching halt due to the coronavirus crisis. On this Earth Day, there may be unintended benefits the pandemic is having on the environment.

How Climate Change Increases Our Risk For Pandemics

Mar 24, 2020

Climate change may be putting people at risk for more pandemics like COVID-19. Habitat loss due to climate is bringing animals that can transmit disease in contact with humans more often. 

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Climate change is expected to threaten Indiana’s water supply. Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute has developed an interactive map to help cities plan for less clean water in the future. 

The mapping tool lets people see how much water cities in the Wabash River basin are projected to lose or gain in the next 30 or 60 years.

Indiana College Republicans Join Climate Campaign

Dec 17, 2019
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Indiana college Republicans have joined other young conservatives in a climate campaign. Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends urges Republican lawmakers to pass a carbon tax. 

The campaign is based on a plan that would gradually increase a tax on carbon dioxide emissions and give that money back to U.S. citizens. It would also get rid of any environmental regulations on emissions that are no longer necessary because of the tax.

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About 50 local activists faced the cold Friday morning for a climate strike at Howard Park in South Bend. It was meant to invoke a sense of urgency among city officials about the climate change crisis.

Activists sang songs about climate change and spoke about their own experiences before marching from Howard Park to the County-City Building.

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A Goshen woman spent 15 seasons working in Antarctica.  She’s back and shared her story with a group of environmentalists in Elkhart Wednesday.

Community members concerned about the state of the environment meet up in Elkhart every month for a group discussion called Sound of the Environment.

Climate change is expected to mean more flooding in Indiana and that could put the state’s hazardous waste sites — and the people who live near them — at risk. That’s according to a new report on Superfunds from the Government Accountability Office. 

South Bend Creates Plan To Fight Climate Change On Local Level

Nov 18, 2019
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The City of South Bend created a plan to be carbon neutral by 2050. Some local activists say the plan isn’t urgent enough.

The plan will target transportation and energy use, which city officials say are the biggest culprits of greenhouse gasses in South Bend.

Rising water levels of Lake Michigan and beach erosion could affect the future of the Indiana Dunes National Park. 

Large waves on the lake breached a dune near a pavilion in Portage that most visitors use to access the dunes.

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Every city in Indiana can now see how climate change will affect them in the future — and what they can do to prepare. Indiana University researchers unveiled a tool Tuesday called the Hoosier Resilience Index

The tool allows cities to see things like how many days of extreme heat or heavy rain they can expect by 2050. It also shows what parts of the city are vulnerable to climate change — like areas in the floodplain.

Early Winter Weather Could Be Sign Of Climate Change

Nov 12, 2019
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Early Winter weather conditions like snow and cold temperatures don’t mean the effects of climate change have stopped. 

When most people think of global warming, they think of extremely hot temperatures - but harsh winter weather can also be a sign of climate change.

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The state needs to consider climate change as it creates its energy plan. That was the opinion of Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) on Thursday at the Energy Policy Development Task Force, which won’t meet again until next year. 

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A global group of scientists, researchers, leaders, and activists say they’ve come up with the most viable solutions for combating climate change. An Indiana branch of the group Project Drawdown wants to figure out how the state can help. 

Daniel Poynter who founded Indiana Drawdown says farmers have a role to play in the state. Conservation practices like no-till and growing cover crops help to trap carbon in the soil.

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Young people across the globe are on strike Friday to demand action against climate change. Some students in South Bend left class to participate.

A crowd of about 150 young people and adults gathered in South Bend to show support for the Green New Deal and urge politicians to make policy changes.

Climate Change Forum Loses Sponsor After Dispute Over Story

Jul 13, 2019
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NEW YORK (AP) — A planned forum on climate change for Democratic presidential candidates lost several major sponsors on Saturday in the wake of the left-leaning magazine The New Republic publishing — and later retracting — a vulgar and homophobic story related to gay presidential contender Pete Buttigieg.

For many students in Indiana, eighth grade is the first and last time that they’ll focus on climate change in class. It's the only class required for all students that specifically talks about climate change in the Indiana education standards. Many high school students are encouraged to take courses that prepare them for college like chemistry and biology, instead of environmental science. 

Early this spring, parts of the Midwest saw record flooding. With climate change, Indiana’s winters and springs are only going to get wetter. 

Survey: Majority Of Hoosiers Believe In Climate Change

Apr 22, 2019

A statewide survey says the majority of Hoosiers believe climate change is happening and most support efforts to lessen its effects on Indiana. More than 1,000 people responded to the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute’s survey earlier this month. 

"Living On Earth" talks with Pete Buttigieg on climate change. Link to listen anytime is below.

Forest Wallace

I usually paddle around in the medium of metaphor, but not today. Today I’m making an unvarnished argument: If you have the means, buy a megaphone. Then, hand it to people you know whose voices need amplifying. Maybe it’s the turning of the seasons, or the political reminder that no one’s gonna save us but ourselves, but my sap is running fast (whoops, metaphor!) and I’m laser-focused (sorry!) on amplifaction.

If climate policies don’t change, the Great Lakes will be a much less hospitable place for people and aquatic life. That’s one of the takeaways from a new report by more than a dozen universities in the Midwest and Canada. Activists hope the report will spur local lawmakers to act.

Students Skip Class To Demand Action On Climate Change

Mar 15, 2019

More than a hundred kids skipped class Friday to stand in the cold and ask lawmakers to do something about global climate change. It’s part of 120 such events planned around the country and several around the world. 

Morning Edition host Michael Linville speaks with Alan Hamlet, an assistant professor of civic and environmental engineering and earth sciences at The University of Notre Dame, about the affects climate change could have on Indiana.

A new report from the Audubon Society predicts 314 North American bird species are at risk because of climate change.