Debra Stanley

Ken Smith

This is April Lidinsky.

And I am Debra Stanley.

April: thank you so much for making time to have a conversation with me. It’s always wonderful to be with you, and, you know, you just have my deep respect for all the public health conversations you’ve had, around HIV/AIDS, around sexuality in our community, and other topics, as well. I consider it my great good fortune to have watched you teach a sexuality education course to high schoolers, and to see how you have a real genius, I think, for reaching people where they are. 

Michiana Women Making History: Debra Stanley

Mar 21, 2019

For Women’s History Month, 88.1 WVPE and Indiana University South Bend’s Women and Gender Studies program recognizes Michiana Women Making History.

Dr. Barbara Williams, a South Bend physician and sociologist, conducted several interviews with notable women in the community and we’re bringing you samplings of those conversations on Thursdays throughout March at 8:45 AM and 5:45 PM.