digital divide

(Lauren Chapman/IPB News)

Last fall, the City of South Bend, enFocus and the South Bend Community School Corporation partnered to provide internet access to students during the pandemic. Now, leaders say more than 1,700 of the district’s students are connected.

City officials say about 30 percent of South Bend residents don’t have adequate broadband access, which comes out to about 3,500 students who may struggle to participate in e-learning.


Today officials with the South Bend Community School Corporation and the City of South Bend announced that $1,800,000 has been obtained from the Governor's Emergency Education Relief grant to provide home internet or cellular internet for two years for the city's most at-risk families. A study done prior to receiving the funding showed that almost 30% of households in the school system were unconnected. The grant will provide discounted broadband connections and thousands of mobile WiFi hotspots.