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Over 116,000 ballots were cast in St. Joe County, surpassing the 113,000 cast in 2016. 

Democrat Donald Westerhausen lost his second bid against Republican incumbent Dale Devon for the District 5 State House seat by less than 1.5 percentage points. 

Republican Jake Teshka flipped the District 7 state house seat, which has long been held by Democrats. He defeated incumbent Ross Deal by 8 percentage points. 

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As of Monday afternoon, a winner has been declared in the previously tied race for Berrien County’s fifth district commission seat. In a tiebreaker broadcast via YouTube, Republican Bruce Gorenflo won the election by choosing the right slip of paper.


The Berrien County Board of Canvassers confirmed this weekend that both Gorenflo and his Democratic opponent, Rayonte Bell, each received 3,934 votes. 

So, it came down to an old-fashioned tiebreaker: Bell and Gorenflo drew slips of paper from a covered box, and Gorenflo chose the one that said “Elected.”

“Well, it’s just kind of surreal," Gorenflo said. "I think my opponent said the same thing afterwards, he says ‘It feels like a dream.’ It’s kind of strange, but that’s how this year is. Who could have predicted any of this?”

Bell said while it’s disappointing for the election to come down to drawing slips of paper, he’s been grateful for the experience. 

“You know, we campaign and we do the work, so it’s a little disappointing," he said. "But hopefully in the future, people realize that your vote counts. Every single vote counts.”

Bell said he will request a recount after the County Board of Canvassers certifies the election this week. The recount can begin after the State Board of Canvassers meets to canvass the election on Nov. 23.

NEW (Nov.5 )

The St. Joseph Co. Clerk's office has released the final count of unofficial vote results as of the end of the day on Thurs., Nov. 5th.

The full results are below.

Berrien County Vote Results

Nov 4, 2020
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Berrien County's updated accurate vote totals are not showing up in data being reported so far by some of the major networks and media organizations (including AP and NPR.)  With 97.58% of the vote in, President Trump has won 43, 148 votes to Joe Biden's 36,451.

To view the updated resuts, here is a link.


Unofficial election results have been posted by Elkhart County.

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