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Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly is joining other pharmaceutical companies in arguing against legislation that aims to reduce drug costs. 

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Diabetes advocates say Eli Lilly’s latest price reduction on one of its generic insulins is not enough. One group says the cost of insulin is still “unaffordable and inappropriate” for many people. 

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Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is reducing the list price of one of its frequently-used insulins for a second time in the last two years. It comes at a time when Congress and the president are calling drug makers to lower prices.

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Global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is planning for employees working from home to return to their Indianapolis offices this summer. Officials say this is another step towards businesses returning to what operations were before the pandemic.

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Eli Lilly is joining other pharmaceutical companies working to fight the surge of COVID-19 cases in India. The country has reported almost 4,000 deaths Wednesday and is averaging over 300,000 new cases a day. 


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — One of Indiana’s most prominent corporations is criticizing an Indiana proposal that opponents maintain will make mail-in voting more difficult by requiring voters to submit identification numbers with their ballot applications. The bill’s Republican sponsors say the proposal is aimed at preventing voter fraud by having similar voter ID requirements for mail voting as the state requires of people casting ballots in-person at polling sites. Eli Lilly and Co.

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Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly is partnering with health care systems around the state to increase access and affordability around its COVID-19 antibody treatment. The company is working with the state of Indiana and health systems and has established three new infusion centers for its COVID-19 antibody therapy to treat those at high risk.

Eli Lilly Says Antibody Drug Can Prevent COVID-19

Jan 21, 2021
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Drugmaker Eli Lilly says its COVID-19 antibody drug can prevent illness among residents and staff of nursing homes and other long-term care locations. It’s the first major study to show that it may prevent disease. The drugmaker said participants who got the drug had up to a 57% lower risk of getting COVID-19. Among nursing home residents only, there was up to a 80% reduction in risk. U.S. regulators last year allowed emergency use of the treatment for mild or moderate COVID-19 cases that do not require hospitalization.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given emergency authorization to Eli Lilly for its COVID-19 antibody drug bamlanivimab.

Study Pauses Are More Common, Essential To Clinical Trials

Oct 15, 2020

Eli Lilly paused trials of its COVID-19 treatment drug Tuesday. The news came less than a day after Johnson & Johnson also paused its trial on a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly has requested emergency use authorization (EUA), from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for it’s COVID-19 single antibody treatment

Eli Lilly Releases Info On COVID-19 Drug Study

Sep 16, 2020

UNDATED (AP) — A drug company says that partial results from a study testing an antibody drug give hints that it may help mild to moderately ill COVID-19 patients from needing to be hospitalized, a goal no current coronavirus medicine has been able to meet. Eli Lilly announced the results Wednesday in a press release, but they have not been published or reviewed by independent scientists. The drug missed the study’s main goal of reducing the amount of virus patients had after 11 days, except at the middle of three doses being tested.

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Eli Lilly and Company has begun what it calls the first study in the world for a potential COVID-19 antibody treatment for humans.

In phase one of the study, hospitalized COVID-19 patients are being dosed at medical facilities to closely track safety and response to the treatment, with initial results expected in about one month.

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The Indiana State Department of Health reported 30 additional deaths Wednesday, bringing the state’s total to 203. The state announced nearly 6,000 total confirmed cases, with more than 30,000 Hoosiers tested.

State Health Commissioner Kris Box also ordered new reporting requirements for COVID-19 to improve data collection. 

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Eli Lilly announced a new program Tuesday that caps the out-of-pocket costs for most insulin users at $35 a month. The Indianapolis-based company says it’s designed to help diabetes patients during the novel coronavirus crisis. 

The Lilly Insulin Value Program covers most insulins made by the drug maker and is available to those with or without insurance.

Lilly Diabetes president Mike Mason said the company wants to help those in need during the pandemic.

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The number of people being tested for the coronavirus has been limited by national shortages in tests and days-long waits for results. Two companies in Indiana are working to increase public testing.

After six weeks in development, Roche Diagnostics is shipping about 400,000 tests for COVID-19 each week after receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration last Friday. The company’s North American headquarters in Indianapolis has been managing the logistics of sending the new test kits to labs across the country.

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Eli Lilly and Company plans to invest $400 million in its Indianapolis manufacturing facilities, where the company is headquartered.

The money will go towards upgrading and expanding the Lilly Technology Center campus in Indianapolis and add about 100 new jobs within the company.

Dave Sternasty is the vice president of corporate engineering and global health, safety and environment at Lilly. He says it will help the company continue to meet consumer demands for diabetes medicine and other drugs developed in the future.