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Indiana housing advocates fear the state Supreme Court’s effort to help curb evictions won’t be very effective.

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Photo credit: According to an order from the Indiana Supreme Court, judges hearing eviction cases in the state must inform the landlord and tenant of pre-eviction resources.Credit Lauren Chapman/IPB NewsEdit | Remove

The Indiana Supreme Court is trying to help avoid evictions by getting landlords and tenants into diversion programs. 


Tenant advocates say eviction courts have been “insane” as both old and new filings begin to move through Indiana courts. 

An estimated 64,000 eviction cases have been filed in the state since the start of the pandemic, with roughly 6,000 filed just since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moratorium was struck down in August. 

Brandon Beeler is a tenant advocate with Indiana Legal Services. He said dockets in Marion County, where he works, have been packed.

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Starting next month, Elkhart County residents who need rental assistance will have to apply through the state, rather than the county. 


The county has managed its own program since March, but county commissioners announced Monday they would be closing out the local rental assistance program. 


Board of Commissioners President Suzie Weirick said that doesn’t mean rental assistance won’t be available.

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After the U.S. Supreme Court recently blocked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's eviction moratorium, there’s a brighter spotlight than ever on evictions, which are increasing in number even as they continued throughout most of the pandemic.

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With the end of the CDC eviction moratorium, thousands of eviction cases can now start moving through state courts. 

An estimated 90,000 Hoosiers are behind on their rent - and there are millions of dollars in federal rental assistance waiting to help them. Most of them don’t know it’s available. One place renter advocates say that problem could be fixed is in the eviction courts.

Judges could notify tenants of what is available to them - but are not required to.


The Supreme Court struck down the CDC’s nationwide eviction moratorium last week, but emergency rental assistance is still available

St. Joseph County ERA Administrator Corey Szczypka said Tuesday the county is currently processing 343 rental assistance applications and has another 630 waiting in the online portal


Princeton University Eviction Lab

Judy Fox is a University of Notre Dame law professor and directs the school’s Economic Justice Clinic. She’s represented low-income clients on eviction cases for more than two decades but said now is the worst she’s ever seen.