Photo Of The Week - Stunning Sunrise

Nov 12, 2020
Jenna Liechty Martin

The latest WVPE Photo of the Week takes us back to Monday, Nov. 9th. If you are on any kind of social media, you no doubt saw plenty of sunrise photos this past Monday. The skies over Michiana were simply stunning to start the week. Thanks to Jenna Liechty Martin the Executive Director of Camp Friedenswald near Cassopolis for sharing this image. She took it from the camp in the area of Shavehead Lake. 

We'd love to see what you are taking photos of. 

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In Michigan,  the Berrien County community of Buchanan may be well known for Redbud and motocross, but the city recently attracted the attention of journalists at the BBC. People in Buchanan were interviewed about the presidential election.

The feature produced in Buchanan can be heard here. It's about eight minutes into this program. 

'What The Words Say' Tonight At 9pm On 88.1 WVPE

Nov 9, 2020
Illustration by Rachel Sender for APM Reports

Many kids struggle with reading - and children of color are far less likely to get the help they need.

Alex Trebek, Long-Running 'Jeopardy!' Host, Dies At 80

Nov 8, 2020

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek has died after battling pancreatic cancer for nearly two years. "Jeopardy!" studio Sony says Trebek died at home early Sunday with family and friends surrounding him. He was 80. Trebek presided over the beloved quiz show for more than 30 years. He was a master of the format, engaging in friendly banter with contestants and appearing genuinely pleased when they answered correctly. He was also able to move the game along in a brisk no-nonsense fashion whenever people struggled for answers.


Joe Biden is addressing the American people as president-elect after a win in Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral-vote threshold needed on Saturday. Watch his remarks live.

Photo Of The Week - Just Look Up

Nov 5, 2020
Todd Efsits

This week's WVPE Photo of the Week reminds us that if you just look up, you may see something beautiful.  Todd Efsits of Elkhart did just that on October 22nd in front of his home by the St. Joseph River. Blue skies, sunshine and autumn leaves combined to create the image Todd captured. 

We'd love to see what you are taking photos of. 

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You can watch the live feed of Election Night activities being held by Indiana's Democratic Party in Indianapolis here starting at 7pm. 


Jake Borowski and Jess Lucille grew up listening to their mother’s folk and country music from the hills of Kentucky.  Their band is called 'StarHeart.'

Their mom also filled the house with folk instruments of every kind trying to impart the importance of the folk tradition to both of her children. 

Actor Sean Connery, The 'Original' James Bond, Dies At 90

Oct 31, 2020
(AP Photo/Gerald Penny, File)

LONDON (AP) — Scottish actor Sean Connery, considered by many to have been the best James Bond, has died, aged 90. Bond producers EON Productions confirmed his death, first reported by the BBC. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said they were "devastated by the news." In a varied career, Connery played James Bond seven times, starting with "Dr. No" in 1962. His portrayal defined the suave secret agent for a generation of fans.

Photo Of The Week - A Spooky Sight

Oct 29, 2020
Paul Lawson

WVPE's latest Photo of the Week is definitely channeling a Halloween vibe. This image of the Orr Mansion in LaPorte County comes to us courtesy of Paul Lawson. Paul says the mansion is on the outskirts of LaPorte. He describes it as a gorgeous goth mansion. He says he captured this image from outside the gate with a zoom lens.


We'd love to see what you are taking photos of. 

Email Photo of the Week submissions to us at wvpe@wvpe.org. 

Andrew Kreider

There’s an old country song by Dan Hicks, “How can I miss you when you won’t go away?”  To me, that’s 2020 in a nutshell.

Support for WVPE is provided by Bethany Christian Schools, a private school for grades 4-12 located in Goshen, Indiana. The school is featuring an open house on Sunday, November 8th from 1-3pm for prospective students and their parents to tour the school and meet the faculty and staff.


NEW (Oct. 27):

The three candidates for Indiana governor are meeting for their last televised debate Tuesday night, one week ahead of Election Day.


Listen tonight at 9pm on 88.1 WVPE as NPR explores an extraordinary electoral season that’s coincided with the global pandemic. With early voting now underway, hosts Scott Detrow and Juana Summers report on how to navigate unprecedented challenges to casting a ballot this year. We’ll also hear about long-existing impediments to voting and how they’ve been exacerbated this year. And we’ll help listeners prepare for November 3rd, with some tips on avoiding misinformation as the votes are counted.

Photo Of The Week - An Autumn Bike Ride

Oct 22, 2020
Jill Collins

WVPE's latest Photo of the Week captures the colorful image of an autumn bike ride in Michiana. Thanks to 17-year-old Jill Collins of Sturgis, Michigan, for this submission. The photo was taken on Oct. 12th just north of Goshen on the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail.

We'd love to see what you are taking photos of. 

Email Photo of the Week submissions to us at wvpe@wvpe.org. 

Make sure to include your name, where you live, names of people in the photo, date the photo was taken and the location where the photo was taken. 

(AP Photo, File)

Music documentarian Paul Ingles presents a 1-hour exploration and celebration of the music of rock legend Janis Joplin featuring author Holly George-Warren who wrote the 2019 book Janis: Her Life and Music. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Janis from a drug overdose (10/4/70).

You can listen to it here.

Photo Of The Week - Turtles On The St. Joseph River

Oct 16, 2020
Bill Spalding

Turtles on the St. Joseph River last month captured the eye of Bill Spalding. His image taken Sept. 7th along the river on Northside Blvd. just west of the Twyckenham Bridge in South Bend is WVPE's latest Photo of the Week. 

We'd love to see what you are taking photos of. 

Email Photo of the Week submissions to us at wvpe@wvpe.org. 

Make sure to include your name, where you live, names of people in the photo, date the photo was taken and the location where the photo was taken. 

(Justin Hicks/IPB News)

Goshen, Indiana, is a little blue dot in a mostly red, rural county. Its Main Street is a simple two-lane street, but gets a lot of traffic being one of the most direct ways in and out of town. 

Mike Roemer / AP File Photo

I’ve always been a football fan. I’ve played football. I collected football trading cards. My brothers and I once received Christmas gifts of football helmets and shoulder pads. So it may surprise you to hear that I’ve launched a movement to change the culture of American football. My idea is simple: teams should cooperate.


At the end of September, the Elkhart County Symphony Orchestra announced the selection of Dr. Soo Han from the Cleveland, Ohio, area as the new conductor of the orchestra. WVPE's Kent Fulmer recently had a chance to interview Dr. Han about his appointment. Han is a first-generation immigrant and, for him, a career in music is part of living out the American dream.

Join 88.1 WVPE tonight at 9pm for a special hour from NPR and StoryCorps. At one of the most divided times in American history, StoryCorps and NPR Member stations around the country are inviting people to take One Small Step to better understand those with whom they disagree. One Small Step pairs people of differing political views to have conversations with one another out of respect and recognition of their shared humanity.

88.1 WVPE is pleased to be hosting an intern in our newsroom this semester, Notre Dame Senior Claire King. She is lending her voice to our Fall Membership Campaign to encourage you to make a contribution at 888 889 9269 or at wvpe.org. Claire feels that "everyone deserves to have a voice." That is part of why she is passionate about public radio.

You never know where Justin will be reporting from. He covers workforce issues for the entire state of Indiana for Indiana Public Broadcasting. We are so fortunate that he is based out of WVPE. If ever there was a time when having a workforce reporter was important, it has been during the pandemic as so many people were losing their jobs and facing struggles to get unemployment benefits. Then there were the issues of workplace safety. Justin has been covering it all. 

Peter Ringenberg

WVPE's Gemma DiCarlo is the newest journalist on staff at your local NPR station. She took some time to create a quick video to encourage you to support the work of reporters locally and nationally at NPR with your financial support of our fall membership campaign. When you become a listener-member, you are invested (literally) in the news and information WVPE and NPR provide to our audience and our community.

Justin Hicks/WVPE

WVPE Station Manager Anthony Hunt felt it was important to make sure the audience knows how we have adapted to be able to bring you the Fall 2020 Membership Campaign safely. Our practices and the logistics may have changed, but our need for *your* support remains the same.

Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour Featuring John Bahler

Oct 5, 2020

Monday, October 5, 2020 at 9 PM

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What is your 'Giving Story' in 2020?

Last fall (before the pandemic hit), WVPE sustaining member, Shelby Herms, shared her 'Giving Story' with us. Please watch the video and let Shelby help you get inspired to make a gift to WVPE during our 2020 Fall Membership Campaign.   

Elaine Thompson / AP File Photo

“Jeanette, you’re just a glutton for punishment,” my Mother would say to me when I had doggedly persisted in what she perceived as self-destructive behavior. That pronouncement came back to me as I, possibly once again in self-destructive mode, watched all eight nights of the political conventions in August. Not only were the “festivities” long, but I was compelled to stay up for the post-game commentary as well. Sometimes, like when you pass an accident on the highway, there’s no looking away. And, since these bug-eyed binges were cocktail fueled, my sleep-deprivation was compounded.