As 2019 comes to a close, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot reflect on the best albums of the year.

 They also hear from Sound Opinions producers and listeners about their favorites. Find out more here.

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A Season's Griot – Dec. 26 at 9 PM.

 A Season's Griot is public radio's only nationally syndicated Kwanzaa program. Hosted for 25 years by acclaimed storyteller Madafo Lloyd Wilson, this annual one-hour special captures the tales and traditions of African American and African peoples. The show’s poet laureate, Beverly Burnette, and other members of the Season’s Griot family return with familiar and favorite elements of Griot.  

As I look back at the past twelve months, I realize that 2019 was the year of the bad joke.  In the middle of work, of play, of family changes, of national politics – the one constant for me was that I was always able to count on a bad joke to get me through the bad days.

And when I say bad jokes, at my age what I mean is not smut or sick political burns – no, for me what this means is just good old-fashioned “dad jokes.”  You know the ones – the kind of one-line groaners that you are embarrassed to hear someone tell.  I resort to these all the time. 

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Cancer is the leading cause of death among Latinos, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet Latinos and other minority groups are underrepresented in cancer research. Some local researchers are working to change that.

Photo Of The Week - WVPE Holiday Edition

Dec 19, 2019
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This week our Photo of the Week allows us to share our holiday greetings with you. This is an image of the station holiday card for 2019 designed by WVPE Account Executive David Murray. Please know that throughout the holidays and into 2020, your local NPR station will be here for you to inform, entertain and inspire. We wish all of you the best of the holiday season.


The Ironhand Wine Bar is ringing in the New Year with live music by The Motown Machine.

The band will play from 8:30pm-12:30am. The party wraps up at 1am.

Ironhand invites you to welcome 2020 with them at 1025 Northside Blvd., South Bend. (In the Armory across from the Farmer’s Market in South Bend.) 

Photo provided by Butler University

A group of students at Butler University is creating a video game to help young Hoosiers living with autism improve social skills.

The class partnered with Indiana nonprofit Sycamore Services on the game. Players battle zombies, goblins and other characters, while also learning to communicate.  

Instructor Panos Linos says the goal is for players to take what they learn about everyday social interactions in the game and practice it in real life.

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The House of Representatives debates and votes on articles of impeachment against President Trump.

You can watch it live below. You can also listen live over the air on 88.1 WVPE.

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With the Geminid meteor showers peaking December 13-14, we thought this image would be a timely selection for our Photo of the Week. Robert Parrish captured this image of the star Deneb (top center of the picture) in Edwardsburg on August 1, 2019. Deneb is the 19th most luminous star in the entire night sky. 

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Hispanics are the least likely racial and ethnic group to see a doctor when they have health problems. That’s according to a study by the United States Census Bureau. There are several barriers that discourage some from that community from seeking medical attention in the U.S.

Just Goods is a local store popping up for the holidays through December 29 offering organic, sustainable, and naturally produced goods from near and far.  It's located with Brain Lair Books at 714 East Jefferson Boulevard in downtown South Bend.

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Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is answering lawmakers' questions about his report on the Russia investigation, which was released on Monday. Watch the hearing live.

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NPR’s Morning Edition has had a Hoosier at the helm for more than 15 years. Host Steve Inskeep grew up in Carmel, Indiana and still has family here. He was invited to speak at the Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders, which took place this weekend at the University of Indianapolis. 

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The House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on the impeachment inquiry report completed by the House Intelligence Committee, as it moves toward drafting articles of impeachment. Watch the hearing live. You can also listen live on 88.1 WVPE.


WVPE is proud to be a media sponsor of the Broadway Theatre League now announcing that Disney's The Lion King will be at the Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend for a three week run in 2020.