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Health care facilities that perform abortions will now have procedures to follow for burying and cremating fetal remains based on legislation headed to the governor’s desk.

It’s the only abortion-related bill that advanced this session.

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The more than 2,400 fetal remains that were found in the garage of a doctor who performed abortions in Indiana were buried Wednesday. More than 100 people gathered for the service in South Bend.

The crowd at Southlawn Cemetery listened to the state Attorney General, sang hymns and prayed over the burial site. 

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — More than 2,400 sets of fetal remains found last year in the Illinois garage and a car of an Indiana abortion doctor after he died will be buried Wednesday at a northern Indiana cemetery.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office said Monday the 2,411 sets of fetal remains will be “memorialized” at a graveside service at Southlawn Cemetery and Palmer Funeral Home in South Bend.

Fetal Remains Disposal Bill Advances Easily To House

Feb 7, 2020
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The Senate easily sent legislation to the House that builds on a 2016 anti-abortion law dealing with fetal remains.

That law – which only took effect last year after the U.S. Supreme Court OK'd it – requires health care facilities to bury or cremate fetal remains.

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A Senate committee easily approved legislation Wednesday that requires medical facilities to develop policies for burying and cremating fetal remains.

The bill – which follows up on a 2016 anti-abortion law – is the only abortion-related measure advancing this session.

Fetal Remains At Abortion Doc's Properties Can't Be ID'd

Dec 31, 2019
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A preliminary report from Indiana's attorney general says shoddy record-keeping and the degraded condition of more than 2,400 sets of fetal remains found at properties owned by a late Indiana abortion doctor mean those remains cannot be identified.

Doctor Who Kept Fetuses Is Vilified In Life And Death

Oct 25, 2019
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CHICAGO (AP) — Dr. Ulrich Klopfer competed so avidly in the 1970s to perform the most abortions each day at a Chicago clinic that it was said he would set his coffee aside, jump to his feet in the break room and rush to the operating table whenever his chief rival in the macabre derby walked by.

Indiana Attorney General: 165 More Fetal Remains Linked To Late Doctor

Oct 11, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana's attorney general said Friday that 165 sets of fetal remains have been found in the Chicago area inside a car owned by a late Indiana abortion doctor, boosting the total number of abandoned sets of fetal remains discovered at properties linked to him to more 2,400.


UPDATE: Thursday the St. Joseph Co. Prosecutor's Office released a statement to emphasize that no fetal remains associated with Dr. Ulrich Klopfer have been found locally. Here is the statement: 

St. Joseph County – Yesterday, authorities announced that additional fetal remains werelocated in a vehicle (belonging to Dr. Klopfer) in Illinois. In order to dispel concerns or rumorsconcerning St. Joseph County, this Office advises that no fetal remains have been found inSt. Joseph County. All buildings, properties, and vehicles affiliated with the Women’s Pavilionor Dr. Kloper have been searched. The Indiana Office of the Attorney General, in thefurtherance of its ongoing investigation, has continued its presence off and on at theWomen’s Pavilion. However, no fetal remains have been recovered in St. Joseph County.This matter remains an Attorney General investigation.


Additional fetal remains were found Wednesday on properties owned by the late Dr. Ulrich Klopfer who performed abortions in Gary, South Bend and Fort Wayne. 

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The fetal remains found in a late abortion provider’s Illinois garage have been moved to St. Joseph County, Indiana. 

After doctor Ulrich Klopfer died in early September more than 2,200 medically preserved fetal remains were found stored in his garage. 

Fetal Remains Found At Late Doc’s Home Moved To Indiana

Oct 3, 2019
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — More than 2,200 sets of preserved fetal remains found in the Illinois garage of a late Indiana abortion doctor have been returned to Indiana.

Patient Records Found At Closed Indiana Abortion Clinics

Sep 20, 2019
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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Latest on the discovery of fetal remains at the Illinois home of a former Indiana abortion doctor (all times local):

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UPDATE: Fetal Remains Found At Illinois Home Of Former South Bend Abortion Doctor

Sep 13, 2019

(Updates with background on Klopfer's license suspension, the previous revocation of his abortion clinic's license; adds attempts to contact the Indiana governor's office for comment; adds details on 2016 Indiana abortion law that requires fetal remains to be buried)

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Advocates on both sides of the abortion debate say the U.S. Supreme Court doesn’t appear any closer to overturning Roe v. Wade after its decision in an Indiana case Tuesday.