Ford Steps Up To Help Produce Medical Equipment

Mar 24, 2020
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Ford Motor Company is working with 3-M and GE to speed up production of medical equipment for health care workers and patients. 

Jim Baumbick is with Ford.

He says the equipment includes high-tech respirators and face shields for health care workers, and ventilators for COVID-19 patients to help them breathe.

David Zalubowski/AP Photo

DETROIT (AP) — Ford is shaking up its management after a poor fourth-quarter financial performance and the botched launch of the Explorer SUV.

The company says that automotive President Joe Hinrichs will retire. Jim Farley, president of new business and strategy, will become chief operating officer in charge of global markets and automotive operations.

In addition, product development chief Hau Thai-Tang will take on an expanded role for products, services and customer experiences.

United Auto Workers Approve New 4-Year Contract With Ford

Nov 16, 2019
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DETROIT (AP) — Members of the United Auto Workers union at Ford Motor Co. have voted to approve a new contract with the company.

The union says in a statement Friday night that 56.3% of workers who voted were in favor of the deal.

The four-year agreement reached Oct. 31 gives workers a mix of pay raises and lump-sum payments as well as a $9,000 ratification bonus. The company also promises $6 billion in U.S. factory investments. Ford gets to close an engine factory near Detroit but its 600 workers there will get jobs at a nearby plant.

UAW Voting On Proposed Contract With Ford Today

Nov 11, 2019
David Zalubowski/AP Photo

Members of the United Auto Workers continue voting on a proposed contract with the Ford Motor Company today. 


The deadline to ratify the deal is the end of this week.


The tentative agreement offers many of the same features the UAW sought in its recent contract talks with GM.


Ford will provide wage increases, bonus payments if the contract is signed and ratified and a way forward for temporary workers with at least three years of experience to become full time employees by 2020.