greenhouse gas emissions

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Two years ago, the city of Goshen committed to draft a plan to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. It was one of several environmental goals set by the city’s youth caucus back in 2019.


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As of 2018, Indiana led the nation in steel production — a process that puts out a lot of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution. In order to meet climate goals, steel companies in Indiana will have to reduce those emissions significantly.

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Nine cities in Indiana will work on projects to reduce their impact on the planet: Bloomington, Carmel, Elkhart, Fort Wayne, Gary, Goshen, Richmond, West Lafayette and Zionsville. They’re taking the next step after completing their greenhouse gas inventories.

Indiana Engine Maker Cummins To Go Net Zero By 2050

Nov 16, 2019

Indiana engine manufacturer Cummins announced its new climate goals on Friday. The company plans to get down to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Transportation makes up almost 30 percent of all U.S. emissions that contribute to climate change.