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NEW (Posted Apr. 15 at 5:10pm):

New information from the St. Joseph County Health Dept. indicates that as of today, the county’s total number of confirmed cases is at 294. County health officials are also confirming a sixth death related to COVID-19 infection. The patient, a female in her fifties, had several co-morbidities.


St. Joseph County Health Department officials released new information Tuesday afternoon on the presence of COVID-19 in the county. A fifth person has died and there is an uptick in cases, higher than the county figures reported out by the IN State Dept. of Health Tuesday morning. 

Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio

New data from the Census Bureau shows localized life expectancy data, a closer look than what was provided before. It’s allowing local health departments to concentrate efforts in struggling places.

Before these data some life expectancy information was available separated into zip codes, but those data were not available for every zip code. These new numbers are by census tract, a geographic area with roughly four thousand people.