honey bees

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The shoreline along Lake Michigan is eroding. Today we revisit our discussion with a researcher about why it's happening and how it affects Hoosiers who live near the lakefront.

We also learn about honeybees, to find out how we can help protect these important pollinators. And we wrap up with a discussion on why some companies can't decide whether working from home will work for them.

Originally aird Aug 12, 2021.

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Indiana University researchers have found a helpful microbe (Bombella apis) in the stomachs of queen bees and their larvae that can fight deadly funguses. Researchers hope this discovery will eventually lead to medicine that can protect the honey bees that Indiana farmers rely on.

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Honey beekeepers in the U.S. lost about 22 percent of their colonies this past winter. While that might not sound good, the Bee Informed Partnership says that’s the second lowest winter colony loss it’s seen in more than a decade.