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At a time when more Hoosiers are getting outside, the legislature has made even more budget cuts to Indiana’s underfunded and understaffed environmental agencies.

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There are a number of ways the Environmental Protection Agency under President Joe Biden can help reduce pollution in Indiana. That was one takeaway from the Hoosier Environmental Council’s Earth Day panel discussion with two former EPA employees.

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Environmental groups and some lawmakers worry a bill, HB 1436, could pressure regulators to approve pollution permits they would otherwise deny. The Hoosier Environmental Council said an amendment has dramatically improved the bill, but it could still have unintended consequences.

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The Hoosier Environmental Council outlined its priorities for the upcoming legislative session. The group will talk about some of those at their annual Greening the Statehouse event that takes place virtually on Friday, Nov. 20 and Saturday, Nov. 21. We talked with HEC executive director Jesse Kharbanda about some of these priorities. He said many of them reflect the challenging time we’re in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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An environmental group is asking the governor to veto legislation that it says would harm the state’s wetlands. The Hoosier Environmental Council says recent changes to a bill regarding drain maintenance in wetlands don’t go far enough. 

The bill aims to help local governments cut costs by allowing them to fix or reconstruct a drain in a state wetland without a permit from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Two Solar Workshops In Northern Indiana This Week

Oct 28, 2019
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The Hoosier Environmental Council is hosting two solar energy workshops this week in Valparaiso and Shipshewana.

The workshops are meant to give people an idea of how to go solar; the technology, the costs, and the benefits. 

Jesse Kharbanda is the Executive Director of the Hoosier Environmental Council. 

A controversial bill regarding erosion on construction sites is headed back to the state House. It wouldn’t allow local governments to make stricter erosion control rules than state ones. But now, after a Senate amendment, there’s one exception. 

An environmental group says the state needs more staff to oversee drinking water protections in Indiana.  The Hoosier Environmental Council says the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has suffered a decade of budget cuts.