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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana drivers would face tougher penalties for passing stopped school buses under a bill that's been approved by legislators.

The Indiana House and Senate on Tuesday both voted in favor of the bill letting a judge suspend a driver's license for 90 days the first time someone was convicted of recklessly passing a stopped bus.

Other provisions would create felony offenses to recklessly pass a bus and injure or kill someone.

Indiana Senators passed a bill Tuesday that will provide funding for the state's professional basketball and soccer team facilities.

Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate reached a final agreement Tuesday on what will likely be the state’s next two-year budget.

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Autism research and education get a boost in Indiana with a newly designated university center.  The Purdue Autism Research Center, or PARC was created in response to a community call for more autism research.  

The Indiana Department of Education says Indiana’s teacher shortage is counterproductive to its priorities.

A national early education research group says On My Way Pre-K no longer meets its definition of a state-funded program. The group says the program’s work and education requirements for parents move Indiana in the wrong direction.

Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt didn’t convince the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to change its mind about an energy moratorium in Indiana. The coal lobbyist had hoped to revive legislation that would have placed a temporary hold on large utility projects. 

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Former Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt has likely failed in his efforts to block the proposed closure of several coal-fired power plants in Indiana.

Mumps Outbreak Reaches 20 Cases At Indiana University

18 hours ago

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — Health officials say the number of confirmed cases of mumps at Indiana University in Bloomington has reached 20 since Feb. 12.

Dr. Beth Rupp of the Indiana University Health Center said during a news conference Monday that she learned of the 20th case just moments earlier. Among the first 19 cases, Rupp said 16 students have recovered while three remain in isolation. None have reported any major medical complications.

Deal Would Allow Indiana Sports Betting By Mobile Devices

18 hours ago

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Sports betting will be allowed by using mobile devices in Indiana under an expected agreement in the state Legislature on a wide-ranging gambling bill.

The Indiana House previously voted to allow sports betting only at casino sites. But bill sponsor Republican Sen. Mark Messmer of Jasper said Monday not allowing sports wagering through smartphones would be an unreasonable limit and that House negotiators had agreed to the change.

Opponents of mobile device wagering say it would easily allow illegal gambling by minors.

A federal judge heard an abortion provider’s case against the state Monday over its efforts to open a clinic in South Bend. The group argues the state department of health’s licensing requirements are unconstitutionally vague.

Survey: Majority Of Hoosiers Believe In Climate Change

Apr 22, 2019

A statewide survey says the majority of Hoosiers believe climate change is happening and most support efforts to lessen its effects on Indiana. More than 1,000 people responded to the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute’s survey earlier this month. 

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Companies across the state struggle to find skilled workers. One company is partnering with schools to train future employees as early as fifth grade.

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Legislation expanding Indiana’s Stand Your Ground law and changing some gun regulations is headed to the governor’s desk.

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