Indiana University

Indiana’s relatively strict vaccination requirements could put the state at less risk of widespread outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses.

The university says the change is an effort to accommodate and support transgender students who go by a different name than their legal name.

Dr. Kent Brantly, a missionary worker for the organization Samaratian's Purse, graduated from the IU School of Medicine in 2009.

The research found that a new treatment combining three hormones into a single molecule can help lower blood sugar levels and address excess body weight.

Donations to nonprofits on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving rose to more than $45 million this year.

Economists at the Kelley School of Business predict state and national economies will continue to grow.

A $165,000 grant will allow IU to create several new positions and programs aimed at curbing sexual violence.

Indiana University hopes to reduce sexual assault on its campuses through a new Student Welfare Initiative.