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Monday, August 23, 2021 at 9 PM

Today is the last day the Department of Homeland Security is open to feedback on its new proposed rule that would impose new time limits on student visas.


Notre Dame filed a formal comment this weekend urging the Department of Homeland Security to withdraw the proposal.


The proposed policy would restrict international students to a stay of two to four years with the opportunity to apply for an extension. Students from countries with high overstay rates would be restricted even further. 

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The Indiana State Department of Health reported 67 additional confirmed deaths over the last week, bringing the state’s total to 2,567. The state announced more than 51,000 total confirmed cases, with more than 564,000 Hoosiers tested.


Today the University of Notre Dame released a copy of a letter that the school's President Rev. John Jenkins sent to the acting leader of Homeland Security urging the department to reverse course on a plan to deport international students who don't attend class in-person in the fall due to the coronavirus.

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Go to school in person this fall or leave the country. That's the message Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is sending to international college students with a new policy announced Monday, and it's leaving students scrambling to figure out their options.