John Glenn School District

Last month, an Indiana House bill that would allow a local St. Joseph County township to leave the South Bend School system caused a shouting match between Black lawmakers and their Republican colleagues at the Statehouse. Proponents say the bill is about convenience, while some opponents say it could harm urban school districts.

To understand House Bill 1367, you have to go back to 1979, when the South Bend Community School Corporation was planning to reorganize.


(Brandon Smith/IPB News)

Tensions flared in the Indiana House Thursday after Republicans shouted down Democratic lawmakers who voiced concerns about discrimination in a bill.

UPDATE (Feb. 19):

John Glenn School Corporation Superintendent Christopher Winchell released the following statement on Friday in response to the passage of House Bill 1367. 

A St. Joseph County School Embraces Solar Power For Energy

Jan 25, 2021

WALKERTON, Ind. (AP) — A school in northern Indiana expects to be powered by the sun by March. The project at North Liberty Elementary in St. Joseph County is part of a broader effort to improve energy efficiency in the John Glenn district. Principal Randy Romer says the 846 solar panels can be used as an education tool as students learn how output varies depending on the weather. A monitor will be placed in a common area so students can see how much power is being produced.