The Elkhart Civic Theatre will open its first fall production, “Silent Sky,” at the Bristol Opera House and via livestream on Oct. 2. But, the company held a preview show on Oct. 1 for senior citizens and the Deaf community.

The play, about pioneering astronomer Henrietta Leavitt, has only five cast members. But at the Bristol Opera House Thursday night, there were three extra people on stage.

Michiana Chronicles: Learning To Livestream

Apr 30, 2020
Andrew Kreider

Downtown is deserted.  You could imagine tumbleweeds blowing down Main Street past the theater’s façade.  I pull into the truck dock, where another vehicle is already parked.   It’s Derek.  We’ve worked together a couple times before, and we exchange a happy long-distance high five through our car windows.   We are about to begin a dance which will continue all night.  Like kids at a middle school social being cautioned to “leave room for Jesus” for the next three hours we will maintain a distance of six feet from each other at all times.  To this end, I enter the building first and turn of