Man Wanted For Iowa Murder Captured In Mishawaka

Jun 25, 2019
Polk County Iowa Jail

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Another man has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a teenager in northeast Des Moines.

Marcus Brown was captured in Mishawaka, Indiana, and has been returned to Des Moines. He is being held on a $1-million cash bond. He is being held on a preliminary count of first degree murder charge in addition to a first degree robbery charge. 

St. Joseph Co. Jail

St. Joseph County – Today Vincent B. Hunter, Jr., 26, appeared in St. Joseph County Superior Court and was sentenced to five years for Leaving the Scene of an Accident, a Level 5 Felony.

Two of those five years are to be served in the Indiana Department of Corrections and the remaining three years of the sentence are to be served with St. Joseph County Community Corrections.

He was charged for a February 14, 2019, fatal crash that occurred on E. McKinley Ave, Mishawaka, and resulted in the death of Lester Horrall, 50, of Mishawaka.

Jennifer Weingart / WVPE Public Radio


Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood emphasised his city’s partnerships, innovations and developments in his ninth state of the city address Monday night.


Mayor Wood started and ended his speech with the Carter Work Project Habitat for Humanity build, which constructed 23 homes in August with the help of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks and David Letterman.

Mishawaka "State Of The City" Address Is Tonight

Mar 25, 2019

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood will deliver the 2019 State of the City address tonight in the auditorium of the Battell Center. An open-house reception and tours of Battell Center hosted by Mayor Wood’s Youth Advisory Council will begin at 6pm followed by the Address at 7pm.

The theme for this year’s address is “Building a Better Community”. Mayor Wood will review the year of 2018 and provide highlights of what the future holds for the Princess City. Several City of Mishawaka employees will be honored.

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Mishawaka History buffs are working on a plan to put a historical museum in downtown. They’ve purchased a building and are slowly working on renovations.

In a tour through the storefront in on Main Street in Mishawaka Curator and Treasurer Pete DeKever painted a picture of what the space will look like., “there will be exhibits in the space we have here. And then also some exhibit space in this middle area….”

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More than 1,500 showed up at Four Winds Field Wednesday morning to learn CPR.


Despite the rain the students showed up and got the chance to learn basic CPR. Instead of being out on the baseball field, they crammed into the stadium concourse.

“They’re gonna learn some information today that could potentially save someone’s life," said Austin Szalai, a science teacher at Dickinson Fine Arts Academy. "Someone’s mother, brother, sister, father...you know, you never know.”

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Bethel College in Mishawaka will be called Bethel University after this school year.

The school has been Bethel College since its founding in 1947. School officials say changing to ‘university’ better reflects the course offerings and student body.

President Gregg Chenoweth said with more students enrolling online, more graduate programs, and a large body of international students it makes sense to change to a name that is better understood internationally.

LeRoy Troyer: Amish Farm To Carter Works Project

Sep 4, 2018
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Update: LeRoy Troyer died Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018. He was 81.


The 35th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Works Project wrapped up Friday in South Bend. During the building blitz more than 15 hundred volunteers worked on dozens of homes in St. Joseph County. Names like “Jimmy Carter” and “Garth Brooks” go hand in hand with “Habitat for Humanity.” But there’s one name Habitat officials and Carter himself credit with helping bring those big names to St. Joseph County.


Barbara Anguiano / WVPE


The 35th Annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Works Project with Habitat for Humanity, wraps up today. Habitat officials say the impact the annual building blitz has on Habitat affiliates


Jim Williams is the president and CEO of the St. Joseph County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

President Carter: Housing A Basic Human Right

Aug 30, 2018
Barb Anguiano / WVPE

Anguiano: Let's start with your name and your title.

Carter: My name is Jimmy Carter. I used to be president, but I'm not anymore.

Anguiano: And what do you do now?

Carter: Well, I run the Carter Center and I work [on] Habitat [for Humanity].

Anguiano: What's the biggest thing, what's the biggest takeaway you've had from Habitat in general?

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Rain bursts throughout the week have not been a deterrent for the close to 700 hundred volunteers at the Mishawaka Carter Works Project build site in Mishawaka. The rain was sort of welcome, offering a break from the spike in temperatures northern Indiana saw this week.


Volunteers are working full steam ahead, trying to finish as much construction as possible on the 28 homes on the site, while other volunteers are also working on remodeling 17 homes on a work site in South Bend.

Barb Anguiano / WVPE

St. Joseph County, Indiana Habitat for Humanity is counting down for the start of the 35th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Works Project during the last week of August. The non-profit hosted a “Kid’s Day” Tuesday for those moving into new homes to mingle with future neighbors.

Jim Williams is the President and CEO of St. Joseph County Habitat for Humanity. He stands under a pavilion at Potawatomi Park in South Bend, as he tries to avoid a collision with kids present for the ‘Kid’s Day’. He says events like this help build a sense of community for those in the program.

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Elkhart and St. Joseph County Planned Parenthood facilities may see an increase in patients from Northeast Indiana after the Fort Wayne office closed its doors yesterday, amid allegations of harassment from pro-life groups in the area.


A notice on the main entrance of the Fort Wayne Planned Parenthood office, set to be vacant on July 31st, directs visitors to Elkhart and Mishawaka facilities.


Mishawaka Schools: Learning To Teach The Whole Child

Jun 15, 2018
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Mishawaka Schools hosted a series of workshops for educators from across Northern Indiana yesterday to discuss best practices to nurture the “Whole Child.”

The whole child refers to the social and emotional well-being of a child that in turn affects a child’s academic performance.

Director of Student Learning and Innovation for Mishawaka Schools, Sarah Hickle says whole means teachers make sure the child is, “healthy, happy, safe, ready to learn.”



A new bus line is being proposed that would offer better service between Mishawaka and Elkhart.

The Yellow Line would run from the Downtown Elkhart Transfer Center to the Mishawaka Transfer Center every half-hour on weekdays.

Currently the bus runs every hour and transfers at Twin Branch Park. The new line would also make transfer times to other routes in the Transpo and Interurban Trolley systems less than 15 minutes.