Molly B. Moon

Michiana Chronicles: The Bugler In Me

Jul 9, 2020
(AP Photo/Brad C Bower)

I was looking for a good deal on my heart's desire at the Salvation Army, when I spotted a bag of old comic books on a high shelf behind the register. Bingo! I've got grandchildren the same age as I was when I spent hours and hours reading those cheap, floppy, innocent and uncomplicated rags. Maybe it was just wistful thinking, but I was sure they'd love to lift their eyes from the screens of "those devices" - to discover the likes of Archie and Jughead and GI Joe. So, I bought the whole stack.

Michiana Chronicles: Ephemeral Harvest

Oct 11, 2019
Cynthia L. Holther

One day late last autumn, I strode in the house, flung off my coat and hollered, "Riely, do we know what time the moon rises?"

"Look on the mirror," he hollered back. We weren't mad-hollering; we were just excited. We'd hatched a plan to drive up to Lake Michigan for dinner at the Roadhouse, and then watch the Harvest Moon rise as we rode home.

The post-it note on the mirror read 7:19. Working backward, as is his wont, he proposed a well-timed schedule. I proposed, as is my wont, that we take the prettiest route possible.

My Private Concert

Dec 26, 2018

When I went to my grandson Jackson’s third grade holiday concert, so did about a thousand other people, which was way more than the school’s auditorium could hold. All the seats were full of mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters and grandmothers and grandfathers and stepparents and extended families. There was no room at the concert, so to speak, so I went home.

I was bummed. And a little put out.  I thought, I’ve been picking him up after school on choir practice days for two months now, and I don’t get to hear him sing?

The Kindness Of Strangers

Nov 22, 2018

We’d left our bikes down south when we came back home this spring, so I decided to give one of South Bend’s ubiquitous LimeBikes a try. I knew how to do it. I’d read the directions: I just needed a credit card, a download, and a smartphone for the scan that would unlock the bike.