South Bend Art Beat Preview

Aug 19, 2021
Photo Courtesy Downtown South Bend

WVPE's Kent Fulmer Discusses this year's Art Beat with Kylie Carter, Interim Executive Director and Director of Marketing and Events for Downtown South Bend.

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Photo courtesy of Elkhart Community Schools

WVPE's Morning Edition Host, Kent Fulmer, discusses the new school year with Elkhart Community Schools Superintendent Steve Thalheimer. Click on the link to hear the full interview.

Elkhart Community Schools is the broadcast licensee of 88.1 WVPE.

Elkhart Community Schools

WVPE Morning Edition Host Kent Fulmer talks with Dr. Steve Thalheimer, Superintendent of Elkhart Community Schools. They discuss education funding in the state of Indiana, the disadvantage Elkhart has in hiring and retaining teachers, and the upcoming referendum designed to address those issues.

Elkhart Community Schools is the broadcast licensee of 88.1 WVPE.

WVPE's Kent Fulmer spoke to the Elkhart Co. Symphony conductor about a concert scheduled for Saturday. 

(A transcript of the interview is below.)


November is Native American Heritage Month.

At the end of September, the Elkhart County Symphony Orchestra announced the selection of Dr. Soo Han from the Cleveland, Ohio, area as the new conductor of the orchestra. WVPE's Kent Fulmer recently had a chance to interview Dr. Han about his appointment. Han is a first-generation immigrant and, for him, a career in music is part of living out the American dream.