Jill Sheridan

A new tool is available for Indiana medical providers to fulfill continuing education requirements. The training is focused on opioid prescribing and abuse.

Opiate Overdoses Rising In Berrien County

Apr 16, 2019

Today the Berrien County Prosecutor's Office announced that in the last two weeks the prosecutor’s office has received reports of an extraordinary number of overdose deaths and overdose recoveries in a short period.

 Though not yet confirmed by autopsy reports, death scenes would suggest that these deaths have been throughout the county. In addition, it is reported there have been more than a usual number of treatments at emergency rooms as well.

A community forum on the opioid epidemic in Michiana  is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10 from 6:00 P.M.- 8:30 P.M. at DW 1001 Wiekamp Hall, 1800 Mishawaka Avenue, on the campus of IU South Bend.

The forum will begin with a panel discussion that includes a diverse range of expert panelists from the fields of medicine, counseling, legal services, social work, patient advocacy, and law enforcement.

This event is free and open to the public.

Michigan Man To Walk 280 Miles For Mental Health Awareness

Mar 31, 2019

HASTINGS, Mich. (AP) — A man plans to walk more than 280 miles in Michigan to raise awareness about mental health, addiction and sobriety.

Mike Hamp, founder of the nonprofit Values Not Feelings Organization, plans to begin the journey from his hometown of Hastings to St. Ignace in August. He aims to cover about 25 miles a day during the “A Walk For Thought” project.

Hamp said he began struggling with opioid addition in high school following multiple shoulder surgeries.

Proposal Would Identify Prescriptions With Opioids

Mar 28, 2019
Jill Sheridan

A bill that would require Indiana pharmacies to identify drugs that contain opioids on the label is moving through the Indiana legislature. 

Former NYC Mayor Helps Fight Michigan Opioid Deaths

Mar 14, 2019


 LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's charity will invest $10 million to help Michigan fight opioid overdose deaths.

Lauren Chapman

Indiana health systems are seeing a reduction in opioid prescriptions in response to the state’s epidemic. 

Facebook / 525 Foundation


Three area Martin’s Supermarkets pharmacies introduced permanent pill dropboxes for disposal of prescription medications.


The drop boxes, which look similar to mailboxes, are the latest effort of the 525 Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of the dangers of prescription pill addiction.

Co-founder, Becky Savage says placing the boxes inside the supermarkets makes disposing of prescription medication safe and convenient.

South Bend to File Opioid Lawsuit

Mar 15, 2018
Barb Anguiano / WVPE


The city of South Bend announced it will join dozens of other cities across the country and file a federal lawsuit against opioid manufacturers and distributors alleging misinformation about the effects of opioids.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg said during a press conference that the lawsuit sends a simple message; someone needs to be held accountable for the damage opioids have caused to the city and residents of South Bend. He said the city is looking for financial restitution due to increased costs necessary to help deal with the opioid crisis.  

Barbara Anguiano / WVPE


On an afternoon in August at the Indiana State Library, a stately  limestone building usually home to genealogy conventions or history lectures, the Indiana chapter of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML, laid out a very distinctive welcome mat emblazoned with a familiar leafy plant.

The Indiana chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws or NORML wants legalized medical marijuana to become a substitute for opioids in pain treatment. The group has been hosting a series of town hall style meetings across the state to educate the public about the benefits of legalized medical cannabis, in the midst of a stronger push for legalization.