Penn High School

St. Joseph County Public Library

On this episode of Michiana Stories, three generations of women from a Michiana family share memories of South Bend and the woman who ties them together, late Penn High School teacher Josephine Davis.

Josephine's granddaughter, Emma Smith is a student at Indiana University and an intern at the St. Joseph County Public Library. She is living in South Bend for the first time this summer.

Anne McCollam Pendl is a syndicated columnist and Josephine’s best friend.

Tricia Smith, a realtor and Emma’s mother, grew up in South Bend.

students place cans in layers to build the titanic out of cans
Jennifer Weingart


  Local high school students were at the mall today, but they weren’t skipping class, they were working on a project called canstruction.


At 8:30 on a Monday morning, the University Park Mall is not exactly a bustling place. It’s just mall walkers and window washers, but this Monday there are also a handful of high school STEM classes building things out of cans.