Juan Constantino

Plymouth is considering a program that would offer a secondary form of ID cards to its residents. 

These cards do not replace a passport, valid driver’s license or in-state ID. Instead, its meant to help residents who have trouble getting a form of identification.

Wild Rose Moon

Monday, September 2, 2019 at 9 PM.

Sharing stories about his experiences growing up playing 5-string banjo, the bonfire tradition in Kyoto, and his penchant for the work of Jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny , Hiroya Tsukamoto, originally from Kyoto, Japan, and now from New York City, shares some wonderful multi-layered compositions on The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour. 

We also learn about Hiroya’s appearance at the Blue Note Café and how his travels provide him with inspiration for many of his songs.   

Plymouth Dairy Farmer Handed Out Milk At Indy 500

May 25, 2019
American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc.

Homestead Dairy in Plymouth will be well represented at the Indy 500 this weekend. Homestead's Jill Houin has been named "Rookie Milk Woman" and she will award bottles of milk to the winning car owner and chief mechanic–and train for the big moment next year when she gets to hand the milk to the winning driver.  

WVPE first met Jill earlier this spring when reporter Jennifer Weingart did a story on how Homestead Dairy was collaborating with Notre Dame to turn food waste into energy. 

Dear Mum,

Greetings from Plymouth.  Not the one from my childhood on the south coast with the ships and the ocean breeze, the fish and chips and the fog.  The other one – the one here in Indiana.