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Ken Smith

This is April Lidinsky.

And I am Debra Stanley.

April: thank you so much for making time to have a conversation with me. It’s always wonderful to be with you, and, you know, you just have my deep respect for all the public health conversations you’ve had, around HIV/AIDS, around sexuality in our community, and other topics, as well. I consider it my great good fortune to have watched you teach a sexuality education course to high schoolers, and to see how you have a real genius, I think, for reaching people where they are. 

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Gov. Eric Holcomb said health is Indiana’s “Achilles’ heel” – and he’s creating a Public Health Commission to try to improve it. The commission will spend the next year developing recommendations meant to strengthen the state’s public health system.

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Budget cuts at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and other state environmental agencies around the country are threatening public health. That’s according to a new report by the Environmental Integrity Project. 

The group, which advocates for better enforcement of environmental laws, looked at Indiana’s budget over the past decade. Its analysis shows that while overall state spending grew by 17 percent, IDEM’s budget was cut by 20 percent.

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An interim public health committee met for the first time to discuss the high cost of health care in the state.

Hoosiers are paying more for healthcare than ever and according to a recent study, more than many other states. The reasons vary and include access, hospital consolidation, aging population, lack of large employers and poor population health. 

But President and CEO of Employers’ Forum of Indiana Gloria Sachdev says the study points to another reason.