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Afghan refugees at Indiana’s Camp Atterbury will need a permanent home in the US, and Muncie is hoping to become an attractive place to settle.  As IPR’s Eric Jacobs reports, the city has convened a committee to help the effort.

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is denying rumors circulating about happenings at Camp Atterbury.

Earlier this week, WIBC radio host Jason Hammer made shocking claims on air about the situation at Camp Atterbury, where roughly 7,000 Afghan evacuees are undergoing final health and safety checks before being settled across the country.

Hammer said Monday he received a text from a National Guard member at the camp who said the FBI had been called in to deport members of the Taliban who had been caught in the vetting process.

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For the month of September, we're bringing you stories of workers across Indiana, about what they do and how they find meaning in their jobs. This week, Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Justin Hicks profiles Ciin Mang. She’s a refugee from Myanmar and was recently promoted to production line manager at Master Spas in Fort Wayne. 

Biden follows through on pledge to take in more refugees

Sep 21, 2021
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The Biden administration says the U.S. will take in 125,000 refugees and their families next year, fulfilling an earlier pledge to raise a cap that had been at a historic low under his predecessor.

The White House announced the annual cap in a report to Congress, saying there was an unprecedented number of displaced people around the world because of conflict, humanitarian crises and climate change.

As president Donald Trump capped the number of refugees at 15,000, the lowest since the 1980 Refugee Act took effect.

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The number of people temporarily living at Camp Atterbury continues to grow, and some have already begun settling in the U.S.

Immigrants and refugees in Indiana

Sep 15, 2021
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Thousands of Afghanistan refugees are settling in camps across the country, like Camp Atterbury in Central Indiana.

Today we talk about what it’s like to make a new home in a place where everything is different – the language, the culture, and the people. We also hear from the president of a group representing the Burmese community, to find out what services refugees need when they come here.

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Rupal Thanawala
President, Asian American Alliance

All IN Wrap For The Week
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Today we revisit a few of the most interesting conversations we had this week, including discussions with a health reporter about growing divisions between parents and school boards, and learn about efforts to encourage farmers to be trusted voices in their communities and promote the COVID-19 vaccine.

We'll also revisit our discussion on redistricting reform in Indiana as lawmakers are meeting to redraw the state's congressional districts.

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All IN: COVID-19 Update / Federal Case on Abortion / Refugees in Indiana

Sep 2, 2021
Martin Sanchez/Unsplash

COVID-19 cases are growing across the state with the Delta variant rapidly spreading, but what does this mean for Indiana and people who aren’t able to get vaccinated? Today we get updates on COVID-19 cases across the state. We also find out what's happening in Indiana as abortion restrictions in Texas are grabbing headlines and after a judge ruled that several state abortion laws are unconstitutional. Plus, we learn about refugees in Indiana, what it’s like to leave their homes behind and what resources are available to help them transition to a new life.

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Indiana is preparing to receive 5,000 Afghan evacuees at Camp Atterbury in the coming weeks, with the first 1,000 set to arrive by this weekend.

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U.S. Rep. Greg Pence announced on Twitter Tuesday morning that the Defense Department (DOD) had approved Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh to temporarily house Afghan refugees.

The Republican from Columbus said he expected the camp to be ready to accept refugees in the next couple days, and that it should be able to hold 5,000 people.

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As Afghan refugees find temporary housing at military bases across the U.S., Camp Atterbury officials would neither confirm nor deny if they would be receiving any. 

The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Pentagon officials were considering Camp Atterbury near Edinburgh as a potential site to house Afghans fleeing the Taliban. 

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Hundreds from Fort Wayne’s Burmese community protested this weekend to condemn the ongoing military coup in Myanmar, also known as Burma. They hope the United States government will take a harder line, including stricter sanctions, until a democratic government is restored.

Whitmer Tells Trump Michigan Will Keep Welcoming Refugees

Dec 14, 2019

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says the state will continue welcoming refugees.

An overflow crowd  of 250  people worshipped together at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. James at the “Interfaith Service of Prayer for Compassion and Justice for Migrants, Immigrants, & Refugees.”

Lauren Nassau of South Bend, a member of the Temple Beth El synagogue explained why she came.