Michiana Chronicles: The Personal Lives Of Science

Jan 7, 2021
Anne Magnan-Park

Science writes its own patients' history. It is data and success-rate driven. Alongside these scientific reports are patients' stories, the personal lives of science. Though   data-oriented, their criteria for success are far more complex than the ones elaborated in the labs and relayed in scientific journals. They are layered stories which narrate access and lack of access to care, as well as trust and distrust in the healthcare system due to social status, race, cultural differences, and history.

If there was ever a time to hug a scientist, now is that time. But please don’t. Instead, try your favorite “Coronavirus Hello,” which I think is no longer supposed to be a elbow-bump (too close to the sneeze-catching crook of the arm).  So, maybe try some jazz hands, instead.  Hellooooo, you might say from a safe social distance, waggling your fingers winningly, to show gratitude for the humans who are working hard to save our lives, right this very moment. 

Fourth Graders Show Teachers How To Launch Weather Balloon

Aug 1, 2019
Annacaroline Caruso

Fourth graders from the Concord school district launched a weather balloon Wednesday morning so teachers in other districts can recreate the same experiment in their classrooms. 

Students learned about the atmosphere, weather patterns, and math for three months in preparation for the launch.