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Leaders of a state energy task force said they won’t get involved in a debate over how to calculate the extra energy people with solar panels deliver to the grid.

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Wind turbine service technician and solar panel installer are two of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. If passed, the infrastructure and budget reconciliation bills making their way through Congress are only going to increase demand for those workers.

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Though many businesses start with a lifelong dream, Crossroads Solar is not that company. Co-founder Patrick Regan said he never thought he’d be making solar panels.

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In his July 29 annual state of the city address, South Bend Mayor James Mueller made infrastructure investments a priority and announced plans for a revamped community center on the city’s west side.

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St. Joseph County was recently recognized for being “solar-friendly” and for protecting pollinator habitats in its development projects. The county received the SolSmart Gold designation for meeting national benchmarks to encourage the growth of solar energy. 

SolSmart helps local governments meet those national benchmarks by streamlining zoning approvals and reviewing planning and zoning guidelines. St. Joseph County was recognized for having efficient permitting and zoning processes and training staff on solar energy codes, among other things.

The Indianapolis International Airport will soon be home to the largest airport-based solar farm in the world, with the addition of panels that track the sun.