Soo Han

Elkhart County Symphony

Kent Fulmer:  My guest today is Dr. Soo Han who is the…can we still say new…Musical Director of the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Han?

Soo Han:  Sure…it allows me a little bit more opportunities to mess up and be forgiven a bit more.

Kent Fulmer:  The orchestra is having their first public performance in quite some time, coming up this weekend, right?

WVPE's Kent Fulmer spoke to the Elkhart Co. Symphony conductor about a concert scheduled for Saturday. 

(A transcript of the interview is below.)

At the end of September, the Elkhart County Symphony Orchestra announced the selection of Dr. Soo Han from the Cleveland, Ohio, area as the new conductor of the orchestra. WVPE's Kent Fulmer recently had a chance to interview Dr. Han about his appointment. Han is a first-generation immigrant and, for him, a career in music is part of living out the American dream.

Elkhart County Symphony Names New Conductor

Sep 24, 2020

The Elkhart County Symphony announced it has named a new conductor.