South Bend Board of Public Safety

Two men from South Bend received firefighter challenge coins from the Board of Public Safety for their help in saving people from an apartment fire last month. 

Board members say the men are the first civilians to ever recieve a firefighter challenge coin from the city.

Annacaroline Caruso

The South Bend Board of Public Safety postponed action on the discipline matrix for the city’s police department at its meeting Wednesday morning.

The discipline matrix is meant to clearly lay out punishments for officer misconduct.

Annacaroline Caruso

A group of local faith leaders gathered today Monday to call on the South Bend Board of Public Safety to approve the proposed discipline matrix for the police department.

The discipline matrix lays out a series of consequences for different categories of offenses. The goal is to be more clear about what the consequences of an officer's actions will be.

The South Bend Board of Public Safety approved changes to the Police Department’s body camera policy that would require random reviews of officer’s body camera footage.

These changes are a result of a series of community meetings where residents gave their input on police practices.

The South Bend Board of Public Safety recommended policy changes for the city’s police department at a meeting Wednesday morning. 

These suggestions come after a series of meetings where community members gave input on police practices.

Annacaroline Caruso

South Bend residents gathered Thursday night for the first in a series of seven meetings to give input on police practices. 

People who attended the meeting were broken into small groups with facilitators leading each conversation.

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Community members came to a South Bend Board of Public Safety Meeting Wednesday morning looking for answers.

Encounters with city officials and community members have been largely contentious since the shooting of Eric Logan by Police Sergeant Ryan O’Neill on June 16th. O’Neill resigned on Monday. 

Andre Stoner is with Faith in St. Joe County. He says they want the board to step up.